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Food Review | Extra Virgin Pizza x The Entertainer App 1-for-1

The bf and I went for our virgin experience (yes, pun intended) at Extra Virgin Pizza after work on Monday at United Square for a food tasting session / introductory session to The Entertainer App – many thanks to Alvin for the invitation!(:

Extra Virgin Pizza United Square

Extra Virgin Pizza is a casual concept serving artisanal thin-crust  Neapolitan-style pizzas, starters, sweets, and a unique shortlist of wines, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Extra Virgin offers an authentic taste experience of quality hand-crafted pizza for dine-in, take-away or delivery. 

Extra Virgin Pizza @ United Square
#01-14 United Square Shopping Mall, 101 Thomson Rd

The Place

There are 2 choices of seating at Extra Virgin Pizza – the main indoor seating with blessed air conditioning and the alfresco seats for those who prefer to chill out outdoors instead.

Upon entering the restaurant, the whole place to me, screams – modern chic meets communal with a touch of industrial. I’m not sure if this is the usual set up for the restaurant, or they were conjoined together for our event. Regardless, this makes it great for large group gatherings don’t you think?

At the other side of the restaurant, you will be treated to the sight of the chefs handmaking the pizzas in brick ovens.

There’s also another seating area at the other side but that side seems to offer more privacy and caters to smaller groups in my opinion.

The Menu

As always, here’s the full menu for your reference. For a clearer photo of the menu, click HERE for the PDF version!

DSC02630 DSC02655

The Drinks

We were treated to their homemade sodas – ginger lemon & strawberry basil.

Ginger Lemon Soda / Strawberry Basil Soda (Jug) – S$15.00

Tried both sodas and I definitely preferred the strawberry basil soda which tasted much better as compared to the ginger lemon mainly because I wasn’t a fan of ginger related drinks.

The Entertainer App 1-For-1

Now before I go on to the food, let me just demonstrate to you how I managed to use The Entertainer Mobile App on my phone to redeem my 1-for-1 pizza at Extra Virgin Pizza!(:

Based on my location, the app was able to detect that I was near a couple of places that were on The Entertainer 1-For-1 list and Extra Virgin Pizza was on the list below as you can see.

Click in and you can see that basically you can get a 1-for-1 main course.

If you’re ready to redeem – click on it!

Then, enter your 4 letter pin (already pre-selected upon registration).

Pass your phone to the server who will enter their pin as below.

And TADAAAH! Redemption is DONE!(:

With this, I have already saved approximately S$30 on my first use already! What a start considering that the app only costs S$76.00 (20% off with @mitsueki voucher code) for a total estimated saving of S$153,000.00! I can easily use the app to offset more than the app’s cost definitely and I can’t wait to use it more often!(:

You can purchase The Entertainer with over 1,150 Buy One Get One Free Offers here:

The Food

And here’s what I know you’ve been waiting for – photos of the food! Lol, with The Entertainer App, we were each able to order a 1-for-1 pizza, 1 for ourselves and 1 for our partners but in the end, we landed up sharing all the pizzas at the table instead as we couldn’t polish off everything. Well heh, that’s one benefit of communal dining right? 😛

DSC02639 DSC02638 DSC02636 DSC02635 DSC02634 DSC02633 DSC02626 DSC02628 DSC02649 DSC02650 DSC02653 DSC02656 DSC02640 DSC02643 DSC02646 DSC02647

Spotted Pig – S$26.00

This is definitely a crowd favourite especially amongst the men, and it was the bf’s favourite pizza out of the lot! The Spotted Pig comes with plenty of pork related food items, pepperoni, pork sausage, bacon on top of a thin base of tomato, mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano.

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken – S$24.00

The pizza came out a little different from what I expected of a usual hawaiian chicken pizza with the main difference being the addition of the jalapenos. Yes, those green things there? They aren’t green capsicums but LARGE thinly sliced jalapenos – and very very spicy, so just a head’s up! (Poor Seth…)

Ham & Mushroom – S$24.00

If I had to pick my favourite amongst the pizzas that I’ve tried – it’ll be the ham & mushroom. I’m pretty picky boring pizza person as I’m just a fan of simple ingredients without any fuss.So the ham & mushroom pizza was perfect for myself – delicious roasted mushrooms, ham, some pine nuts, a sprinkle of basil leaves over the usual thin base of tomato, mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano.

Meatball – S$24.00

The bf had high expectations for the meatball pizza like 30 meatballs on top of the pizza or something, but the meatballs were not aplenty unfortunately. Well, no surprise here as these aren’t your typical meatballs, but they are instead – pretty delicious veal and ricotta meatballs that can also be ordered off the ala carte menu under the small plates category at S$14.00 for 6 pieces. But yes, again – wish there were more meatballs :X

Seafood – S$26.00

The Seafood pizza was someone else’s order but ah well, we took it under our wing since no one claimed it for a long time :X Most of the pizzas come with the tomato base, but this pizza is one of the few on the menu that comes with bechamel sauce (white sauce) instead. I was keen to try it, but unfortunately, it was extremely spicy and my tastebuds couldn’t take it – not sure what I bit into though. Was downing cups of water and the strawberry basil sodas (was wasn’t just me!) 🙁

Baked Chicken Wings – S$10.00 (6 pieces) / S$16.00 (10 pieces)

Issac, the marketing executive of The Lo & Behold Group (which EVP is under) recommended us to try their baked chicken wings as well as the oven fried clams (below) – which we did (Seth & I) out of our own pockets as they weren’t inclusive in the food tasting.

The baked chicken wings in their EVP spice rub blew me away! The chicken meat was very tender and fell off the bone easily, I really enjoyed it(:

Oven Fired Clams – S$18.00

As mentioned, we also ordered the oven fired clams which came with a generous helping of clams in a delicious garlic & white wine as well as 2 slices of extra garlic virgin bread (E.G.V.B). I could eat all this the whole day! :X

Mushroom Bianco – S$22.00

By then, we were all pretty stuffed so I took photos of the other pizzas that the rest of the bloggers had. Mm, I think I would have liked the mushroom bianco though – it’s my type of pizza :X

Limited Edition Special, Hot Mama’s Cajun – S$24.00

Four Cheese – S$20.00

Overall Verdict

Overall, I think that EVP is a good place for large communal gatherings. I know prices may seem a tad on the high end but they are very fair when they are split across the table. The pizzas can be shared amongst 4 – 8 people, or someone with a big appetite can finish it all 😛 The sides are fantastic and great for sharing as well, so try to add on as complements to whole dining experience at Extra Virgin Pizza(:

Best of all, if you use The Entertainer App, you get a 1-for-1 pizza and that’s at least S$30 in savings! So start saving with The Entertainer App today!(:

You can purchase The Entertainer with over 1,150 Buy One Get One Free Offers here:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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