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influr Launch Event @ Marriott Hotel Pool Terrace Pavilion

Behold the towering view of Marriott Hotel from my angle!

Now if you were wondering why I was there – well, last Thursday I was an attendee at the influr Launch Event held at the Marriott Hotel Pool Terrace Pavilion.

Marriott Hotel Pool Terrace Pavilion

For once, I was on time for an event with time to spare (hehehe) and so I took the opportunity to snap a couple of photos while I was at the Marriott Hotel Pool Terrace Pavilion where the event was held.

Here’s the lovely view that greeted my eyes as I stood on the steps of the pavilion – a view of the buildings at Orchard Road. Can you spot Wheelock Place from here?(: It’s definitely a beautiful backdrop for events such as weddings!

What I like most about the surrounding area of the pavilion is the pool in that gorgeous and absolutely tempting shade of blue. It really makes you feel like jumping in to cool off on a hot day and the feel it gives is akin to an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road!

Just some random snapshots of the pool terrace rooms! It must be nice to stay here especially because the pool is right outside – super convenient!

As the night fall arrived, I headed back to the alfresco pavillion to join the rest of the bloggers where the influr event was held. Am especially glad for the huge overhead fans as they were definitely useful and essential to cool me down before the presentation started!(:

Just to mention – actually, the pavillion is part of Pool Grill, an al-fresco restaurant by the pool that is listed as one of the top restaurants in Singapore.  I hear the recommended dishes to order are the steaks and Caesar Salad, and if you come by on Sunday to enjoy the Lazy Sunday Brunch – the menu has unique menu offerings such as the chilli crab omelette and banana pancakes with coconut cream and gula melaka!

The pavilion is pretty big and can accommodate about 40 guests making it suitable for lunch receptions and wedding solemnization, or for this case – the influr launch event(:

Some of the canapes we enjoyed courtesy of Marriott Hotel with my favourite being the poached prawn cocktail with mango salsa!

Macarons anyone? 🙂


Introduction to influr

The main purpose of my attendance was to find out more about the brand, influr and what the concept and idea revolved around. Thanks to the co-founder of influr, Clara Chen – I was able to do so that night and I’m pleased to share what I’ve learnt with you!(:

What is influr?

influr is a new social measurement tool created for you, me and everybody! Now, if you are very active on social media sites such as Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (and you don’t necessarily have to be a blogger), this is the perfect opportunity for you to:

  • Measure the response of people to your actions on your respective social media sites
    (Basically your influence level)
  • Get REWARDED with awesome influr treats
  • Be selected as a brand ambassador/advocate and get paid for assignments

How does this work and what do you get?

  1. Sign up at influr 

  2. Connect all your social media accounts (namely, Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)
  3. Wait while influr automatically sorts you into a tier of influence, Basic / Popular / Respected / EliteSuggest you come back the next day or a few hours later to see which level you are at
  4. Keep working to create content that will invoke a response/reaction/interaction for every social content you create. This can be in the form of tweets, Facebook or Instagram Posts while following the advice below:


  5. As you move up the different tiers, get REWARDED with influr Treats such as products, events & vouchers. The more influence that you have, the better the Treats

    “Not everyone has influence. You should be rewarded for yours.”


  6. When you reach the top and become an Elite Influencer, you will have access to Assignments. This means huge opportunities for you to get selected to become brand ambassadors/advocates, receive exclusive access to events, products or services, and get awarded fees ($$$) for each completed Assignments!

Don’t believe that this is an impossible dream 🙂.

There are no boundaries to creativity nor curiosity. Be inspired, share your ideas and live your dreams! How to Live Your Dreams

What are you waiting for?
Sign up at: today!(:

Useful FAQ for your Reference

What does influence mean to me?

It shows how much impact your content has on your audience. Your influence also tells you more about yourself, and gives you the opportunity to connect with and meet people who appreciate what you do. If you’re looking to gain popularity, increase crediblity or grow your career, it will also open new doors. Last but not least, your influence can bring about changes that you believe in.

Do I have to spend time on influr to measure my influence?

Barely! After connecting your social networks, you won’t have to spend anymore time here unless you want to redeem Treats or review Assignments. We want you to continue doing what you love on your social networks.

How is my influence measured?

We measure your ability to drive reactions on the content you created on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The more actions your receive on your posts, the higher your influence will be.

Does it matter who engages with my content?

Not at all! Anyone who respond to you across your social networks will help increase your influence.

Why is my friend’s influence level higher than mine, when I’m more active on social networks?

Getting hundreds of responses with one post is more definitely influential than posting multiple times to get the same number of responses.

How do I increase my influence level?

Besides increasing your network of friends and followers across your social networks, the content you created will be exposed to a wider audience if you start using hashtags and setting your profiles to public across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will also be able to access your best performing content across your social networks in Highlights, which tells you the types of content your audience cares about.

Why doesn’t my influence level increase?

Your influence is accummulated from the past 3 months across your social networks. So simply one remarkable tweet that inspired plenty of retweets, favorites and comments will unlikely change your influence level overnight. But with a number of such tweets over a period of time, things could change.


The New Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

After learning more about influr, we were then treated to a Laneige product presentation featuring the latest Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++!

Read my full review and details of Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ —> CLICK HERE


As all the presentations finally ended, I turned back to a gorgeous backdrop. Yes, the Marriott Hotel Pool Terrace Pavilion looks absolutely stunning at night – what a sight!(:

My Thanks

Ending off my post with the view as my backdrop – thanks Monice for the photo! Also, a huge thank you to the kind invitation of Alvin, the influr team, Marriott Hotel and Laneige for a great time!(:

And maybe just 1 more group photo with Monice, Yvonne, Dawn and myself! 😛

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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