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Food Review | Bruno’s Bistrot Telok Kurau

All the girlfriends that I am close to are mostly from secondary school and a couple from poly. I notice that once you’re older and you are out in the working world, you will come to realize how much you value such friendships(:

Recently, I have been meeting up with a few groups more often and yesterday’s outing was one of them!

The KC Girls

Meeting up with them will always bring back all the fun memories of our secondary school days back at Katong Convent (KC) — how I miss being young and free 🙁

Anyway, my lovelies are Sarah and Gillian.

My love Crystal, dear Sukhpreet and myself!

Random souvenirs from my recent Taiwan trip for them (the first one is for Crystal’s mom, have given hers earlier :P)

There were a few more that didn’t make it but well, it’s pretty hard to arrange for a date that will fit everyone’s schedule!

Bruno’s Bistrot Telok Kurau

The initial plan was to eat at Bruno’s Pizzeria & Grill at East Coast Road but Sukhpreet suggested their 2nd outlet, Bruno’s Bistrot at Telok Kurau instead as she said it was nicer.

Bruno’s Bistrot
201 Telok Kurau Road, #01-06

The restaurant is very small and can probably accommodate up to 25 – 30 diners. I would highly recommend that you make reservations in advance as it’s a very popular dining establishment. Even saw a few people being turned away as it was full house almost all the time! Note that the turnover rate is not very high with most diners sitting through for a few hours – take us for an example as we dined there occupying a table of 6 from 7pm – 10pm, heh.

The Menu

Bruno’s Bistrot serves authentic Italian cuisine with a full menu ranging from antipasti, salads, soups, mains (pastas, pizzas, meats) and desserts.

As always, here’s the menu for your reference. Oh, and if I’m not wrong, both outlets share the same menu as indicated by the header above. However, Sukhpreet says that she prefers dining here because they tend to get orders right rather than at the main outlet. Plus, the owner, Bruno seems to hang out more often at this outlet rather than the one at Tanjong Katong. Yes, you can tell that she’s a regular here ;x

The Food

Crystal was stuck in a meeting back at work and so we 4 of us decided to get a pizza to share. We were thinking of ordering an appetizer initially but I think the pizza was a better choice. Plus Bruno’s is famous for it’s pizza and pasta so do take note 😉

Margherita Pizza – S$16.90

Sukhpreet is a vegetarian so that explains our choice of pizza to share, but to be honest – I’m a fan of basic margherita pizzas so it was a great choice. After taking a bite of the pizza, I understood why people say that the pizza is really good! It’s because of everything from the crust to perfect balance of cheese and tomato. Delicious and too bad Crystal missed out on it 😛

I would probably return to try the Americana  / Proschutton E Funghi / Calzone(:

Linguine Al Granchi Creama – S$23.50

This is a recommended dish on HGW and it is actually crabmeat linguine in a pink sauce with a touch of basil and chili. I tried a bite and it was very flavourful! Gillian said that it was a fantastic dish and they were really generous with the crabmeat! Looks good – may order it the next round?

Spaghetti Alle Vongole – S$19.90

Sarah’s favourite pasta dishes are vongole and aglio olio but this round, she went for the former. The dish came with at least 20 pieces of clams and she spent a really long time just removing the flesh from clam shells before trying out the pasta. Unfortunately, the taste did not go well with her as she mentioned that there was this weird taste like seafood gone bad/rancid. I tried a bite and I agreed with her – not sure what was the cause but we sent it back. Probably would not recommend you order this dish.

Luckily the owner, Bruno was rather nice about it and accepted our feedback. He later offered to let Sarah pick a new pasta dish.

Spaghetti Alla Bolognese – S$19.90

I went with a safer option of the bolognese and it was a great choice! Apparently the beef ragu sauce was slow cooked for 3 hours and it resulted in a very tasty dish. Pity that I still haven’t found an Italian restaurant that can beat the best bolognese in Singapore (in my opinion) at Cacio E Pepe. Still, this is a good and safe choice(:

Melanzane Al Forno – S$18.00

Sukhpreet ordered her favourite dish of Melanzane Al Forno which is essentially a layered baked eggplant with pomodoro sauce and plenty of cheese. I didn’t try it as I’m not a fan of eggplant but it’s a great vegetarian option at Brunos!

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara – S$19.90

I took the liberty to order for Crystal while she was rushing over in the cab. Generally she and I share the same taste so I ordered it for her. Again, since her dish arrived before she reached, I sneaked a bite to see how it fared. I thought it was very rich and creamy – will definitely get ‘gelat’ after a few bites. Plus later I found out that the poor girl was still under the weather since the last roti prata event on Saturday so to her regret – she wasn’t able to finish it.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio Prawn – S$25.00

After Sarah’s previous vongole was returned, the owner suggested for her to try out the aglio olio prawn and she nodded her consent. I only just realized that this was one of the more expensive pastas in the menu – but anyway the bill did not reflect the change in the pasta or she would have to pay an extra S$5.00!

Anyway, no surprise at that price – they were really generous with the prawns, there were about 8 ~ 9 prawns? As usual, I tried a bite and found it a tad spicy. It’s also rather oily so you might have to wash it down with a drink.

General Verdict

In total, our meal cost us S$139.00 which works out to be slightly under S$30 per person.

Quite a number of hits and misses at our first dining experience at Bruno’s – the pizza was fantastic while the pasta didn’t really blow me away. Still, have to say that all the pasta servings and ingredients were rather generous.

The service at Bruno’s is not bad – provided that you are able to catch the attention of the waiter by wildly flailing your hands for quite a while.

Still, I would return given the opportunity to try out the other pizzas and maybe the Ravioli Al Funghi Porcini Cream?

It was a great evening/night girls – can’t wait for the next one 😀

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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