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An Insult to Singapore Commandos or .. Not?

Facebook is all abuzz with a photo trending on Temasek Review & The Real Singapore below. And one of the most debated topics in the comments section is whether this photo is:

An Insult to Singapore Commandos or .. Not?


Obviously not going to post such a R21 photo on my blog so here’s the slightly censored version. The full photo shows her VERY LARGE ASSETS (rare for a Singaporean girl LOL) proudly on display and she is squeezing them. Lol, you can go see it at The Real Singapore / Temasek Review if you are interested.

Of course the issue with this photo is that she’s wearing the Commando beret and quite a number of people are offended about it. According to my guy friend, he says it’s also totally worn inaccurately and is super disrespectful.

The Right Way of Wearing the Commando Beret:


Other comments say that this photo is alright and others say she should get ready to be charged.

So, any thoughts?
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2 Comments on “An Insult to Singapore Commandos or .. Not?

  1. This girl should be put in the firing squad. Wanna show large balls or half-balls better go Geylang, dun insult our armed forces.

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