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Preparation for my Taiwan Trip!

My trusty and HUGE luggage bag is out after a long hiatus since my trip to the United States (Las Vegas – Los Angeles – San Francisco) back in 2012. Haven’t been using it for my last few getaway trips to Thailand / Genting / Batam because it was just too big!

Where am I going?

This time, I’m heading to Taiwan for 9D8N with the bf from 22 Feb 2014 – 2 Mar 2014 so that’s why the HUGE bag! It’s about slightly taller than 1/2 my height and very wide if you were wondering.


My Planned Itinerary

Just a preview of my plans when I’m in Taiwan, might post my detailed itinerary the next time during my travelogue posts after I’m back, but here’s a general overview!(:

Day 1: Singapore – Taoyuan Airport – Taichung  (22 February 2014, Saturday)
Day 2: Taichung – Sinshe – Taichung  (23 February 2014, Sunday)
Day 3: Taichung – Sun Moon Lake (24 February 2014, Monday)
Day 4: Sun Moon Lake – Cingjing (25 February 2014, Tuesday)
Day 5: Cingjing – Taipei  (26 February 2014, Wednesday)
Day 6: Taipei – Shifen – Houtong – Taipei  (27 February 2014, Thursday)
Day 8: Taipei – Wulai – Taipei  (28 February 2014, Friday)
Day 9: Taipei  (1 March 2014, Saturday)
Day 10: Taipei – Singapore  (2 March 2014, Sunday)

My Travelogue 

Preparation for my Taiwan Trip!

Ahead of my trip, I picked up some goodies from Daiso as below – packing cubes, heat pads, tiny containers and a pretty floral luggage strap, only S$2 each!(:


Just a couple of clothes I’m bringing, very boring stuff that I wore back in my trip to the States since the weather in Taiwan should be somewhat about the same at this time – I think!

Oh and packing cubes / pack-it cubes are AWESOME and I discovered them from Travel.Snap.Stories!

7 days worth of tops stuffed into 1 cube with room for maybe 1 -2 more tops actually.

07-20140218_225235 06-20140218_225117

The jeans/leggings/sweather cube.


I bought too many pack-it cubes so I used them to put my shoes that were kindly sponsored by my favourite shopping site, Qoo10 as mentioned HERE! LOL!


Other Preparations!

I wanted PRETTYYYY nails for my trip, so I went to do my gelish with Myntefingers, my nail sponsor last week before the trip! (Stay tuned for that post soon btw!)

By the way, she’s having a gelish promotion now @ S$30 for a classic gelish manicure, but if you quote my name ‘MITSUEKI’, you get an additional S$5 off = S$25 for the manicure! Nail art charges are an additional cost of course(:


For my reading pleasure ie, on board the plane with nothing to do, I’ve decided to bring a novel for light reading – Don’t Just Speak Love by Charlie Teh, a Singaporean author. I’ll be doing a book review and giveaway of her lovely book after my trip, so stay tuned for that too(:

Oh Charlie, I’m definitely going to enjoy reading your book in Taiwan!(:


Other than that, picked up 2 32GB SD cards from House of Mouse (S$35.90 each), the cheapest I could find due to my limited time left – I bought it 2 days before the trip! These will solely be for the Taiwan trip photos with my trusty Sony NEX-3NL and Canon IXUS 105 (not pictured). Will also be using my Samsung Note 3 to upload photos to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter so follow me there ya? (@mitsueki on Instagram / Twitter & My blog’s Facebook Page)


I’m also planning to bring my MacBook there for my work/blog purposes. Goodness, don’t want to my office inbox to just explode when I come back. At the same time, I can’t live without blogging daily – plus what if there is SUPER MAJOR BREAKING NEWS TO SHARE?! HAHAHA ! But of course, that is if I have the time to actually blog as my itinerary is quite packed, lol.

Don’t worry though, before my trip – I have already scheduled quite a number of blog posts beforehand for your reading pleasure, so keep coming back daily 🙂

With that said, you can tell I’m bringing quite a number of electronics overseas huh?  So duhhh I have to bring practically ALL my chargers and USB devices for charging purposes!

And if you didn’t know – Taiwan has a different power socket from Singapore, so THIS is what you need!



This pair of travel adapters in the bf’s and my favorite colors respectively – yellow and pink are kindly sponsored by Bazooka Travel!


These travel adapters can be used in over 150 countries, including Singapore where it can be used on daily basis and I super LOVE the smooth matte texture of the adapter!

Plus apparently when you are charging, it will light up in their respective colours e.g. Pink travel adapter will emit pink light. I haven’t tried it yet, but will do so soon!

But I think the most awesome thing is that these travel adapters from Bazooka Travel also comes with 2.1A (or 2100mA) Dual USB portsSUPER useful!

P.s Most travel adapters may have only 1A (or 1000mA) USB port which will have lower charging efficiency but these adapters have 2.1A (or 2100mA)!~

Mine comes with a sturdy zip pouch (S$3.50) for storage purposes too by the way~ Hehe, you can get all of these from Bazooka Travel in your favourite colours HERE!

Will also be doing a giveaway for them as well in late March, so stay tuned too 😛

And in it goes into one of my longer pack-it cubes with all the other chargers.


Well, that’s it – I’m pretty much packed for my trip as of this Friday before I fly off on Saturday morning(:

EGG-cited! 😀

Don’t forget to stay tuned to my blog / like my blog’s Facebook page / follow me @mitsueki on Twitter & Instagram for the latest updates!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  1. Hi, was wondering what’s the weather like when you went in February. Thinking of going around mid-feb – 12-24th, but I’m afraid it’ll be rainy and cloudy and I’ll miss out on the views of sun moon lake, hehuanshan sunrise etc 🙁

  2. Hi mitsueki,

    It has been a while, but thanks for linking to our family travel blog Travel.Snap.Stories (!

    Our family size is growing but so will be our horizons as we continue to share our experiences as we venture into more countries and places in the world! ^^

    1. hi vin omg so sorry for the late response and thank you for also referring/linking back to my blog always! always love reading your blog for useful itinerary tips! please do keep it up, its very informative 🙂

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