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GIVEAWAY | Essilor Crizal UV Lens

GIVEAWAY | Essilor Crizal UV Lens 

I’m giving away a complimentary pair of Essilor Crizal UV Lens to ONE (1) lucky blog reader!
**Note that the spectacle frame is NOT INCLUSIVE



Crizal UV Lens Giveaway Winner:


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How to Win?

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    “One difference between ordinary lenses and Crizal lens is __________! Also, I deserve to win this pair of complimentary Crizal UV lenses from Essilor because ____________”
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*Giveaway closes on 2 March 2014, 1159PM
**Step 1 – 3 & Step 5 MUST be completed in order to be eligible


Essilor Crizal UV Lens

Did you read about my previous post on my visit to Capitol Optical for my new glasses fitting? If you haven’t, you can read about it HERE! Anyway, after a few weeks later, I was able to drop by to collect my new pair of glasses with the sponsored Essilor Crizal UV Lens and Ray-Ban spectacle frames (paid for myself if you were wondering)!

Why opt for Crizal UV Lens?

With constant exposure to the UV rays from the sun, our eyesight can be severely damaged. Invisible to our naked eyes, the effects are cumulative and could result in major vision problems, including cataract and macular degeneration, and may even lead to eye cancer and vision loss. Contrary to belief that sunglasses are the most important eyewear for UV protection, it is just as important to protect your eyes with UV protected clear lenses.

A breakthrough in corrective vision care, the Crizal UV lenses offer both front and back UV protection, ensuring a 360 protection that filters UV exposure away from your eyes. The lenses are also equipped with E-SPF 25, meaning that the wearer is 25 times more protected against UV than without any lens.

See the Crizal Difference!

1. Glare Reduction

2. Scratch Resistance

3. Smudge Resistance

4. Water Repellent

5. Dust Repellent

6. UV Protection

My New Pair of Glasses!

If you were wondering, here’s how my new pair of glasses looks like 🙂

My Previous Glasses – BEFORE

My New Glasses – AFTER

Am really happy with my new glasses at the moment because I know that my eyes are now much more protected again those harsh UV rays. Other than that, there’s a whole slew of benefits that I also enjoy by opting to get Essilor Crizal UV Lens over the normal lens – such as such as glare reduction, scratch resistance, smudge resistance, water repellent and dust repellent!

And this is why if you plan on getting a new pair of glasses – I would highly recommend that you OPT for Crizal UV lens!

Stay tuned as I do a short review of my new glasses with the Essilor Crizal UV Lens after my Taiwan trip ya? Ending off with a bonus photo of the bf and I, heh 😛

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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