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Honda Civic SGK5423P road bully arrested!

Remember the Kim Jong Un look-alike who drives the Honda Civic SGK5423P as mentioned HERE previously? He’s been arrested @_@

Honda Civic SGK5423P road bully arrested!

The Honda Civic driver caught on video allegedly chasing two separate cars on the same day has been arrested. Police confirmed yesterday that a 24-year-old man involved in the alleged road bullying case had been arrested on Tuesday and investigations are ongoing.

On Feb 3, two videos of undergraduate Quek Zhen Hao allegedly behaving aggressively on the road went viral. He had allegedly tailgated, overtook and braked dangerously in front of two separate cars within hours on Jan 29.

Singapore Road Bully SGK5423P – Honda Civic Ah Beng

Singapore Road Bully – Honda Civic ‘Kim Jong Un’ SGK5423P ROUND 2!

1st Road Bullying Incident:

Road bully using his Honda Civic to annoy another driver after a harmless altercation in a car park.

After some e-braking and road-hogging, he got out of his car in the middle of nowhere. Check out that Kim Jong-un haircut!

2nd Road Bullying Incident:

The same Honda Civic SGK5423P road bully getting in the way of another car. This footage wasapparently taken from a female driver who had a child on board at that time. This time, the Honda Civic was tailgating very closely, forcing the driver to give way.

Then the Honda Civic accelerated and cut into the lane and began braking and blocking the way after he was high-beamed. His antics allegedly continued for another two traffic-light-lengths of road:

After the videos surfaced, netizens had posted on the Singapore Police Force’s Facebook page, urging the authorities to take action against Mr Quek.

Credits: The New Paper & Mothership.sg

Also, if you didn’t know

1. He put up a video response to the online rampage against him

SGK5423P – the bullying of a Road Bully

Personal response from the driver of SGK543P.
How a ‘Road Bullying’ incident turned into death threats, family attacks and stalking.

You can read it HERE as well.

The Internet can be scary huh?

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