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Honda Civic SGK5423P Road Bully | His mum asks “Why pick on my son?”


Quek Zhen Hao – the driver of the Honda Civic SGK5423P put up a Youtube Video:

SGK5423P – the bullying of a Road Bully

Personal response from the driver of SGK543P.
How a ‘Road Bullying’ incident turned into death threats, family attacks and stalking.

Credits: Quek Zhen Hao Youtube


Road bully’s mum asks “Why bully pick on my son?”

His Honda Civic was caught on video chasing two other cars mere hours apart on the same day, overtaking them and braking to a sudden halt in the middle lane.  

The Honda Civic SGK5423P Road Bully

The driver, who was identified as Mr Quek Zhen Hao aka Kim Jong-un lookalike (according to Mothership.sg), was also captured in one of the videos getting out of his car to confront a driver. Mr Quek had earlier identified himself on Facebook as the driver seen in the videos, and explained his actions. He claims the other driver pointed the middle finger at him, and that’s why he reacted as such.

The Antics of the Honda Civic SGK5423P Road Bully

The two videos below, which went viral earlier this week, prompted netizens to call Mr Quek a road bully and slam him for his recklessness.

Singapore Road Bully SGK5423P – Honda Civic Ah Beng

Singapore Road Bully – Honda Civic ‘Kim Jong Un’ SGK5423P ROUND 2!

Too lazy to watch the videos? Thanks to Mothership.sg for the following GIFS:

1st Road Bullying Incident:

Road bully using his Honda Civic to annoy another driver after a harmless altercation in a car park.

After some e-braking and road-hogging, he got out of his car in the middle of nowhere. Check out that Kim Jong-un haircut!

2nd Road Bullying Incident:

The same Honda Civic SGK5423P road bully getting in the way of another car. This footage was apparently taken from a female driver who had a child on board at that time. This time, the Honda Civic was tailgating very closely, forcing the driver to give way.

Then the Honda Civic accelerated and cut into the lane and began braking and blocking the way after he was high-beamed. His antics allegedly continued for another two traffic-light-lengths of road:

The Mother’s Plea

His mother told reporters that the family had suffered because of the media storm and online abuse. She added that her son may have done something wrong by driving like that, but he would not have done it without reason.

Mr Quek’s mother pleaded for the online storm to die down and for netizens to leave her son alone. She said in a mix of English and Mandarin: “He’s a nobody, not someone famous. Why would people do this to him? Many Singaporean drivers also have a foul temper. So why target just him?”

What’s Happening Now?

Police said they were investigating the matter, before posting an update that the driver had been pulled up for questioning.

Here is the Singapore Police Force facebook page post in full:

“The Traffic Police (TP) is looking into both of the online videos involving motor vehicle SGK5423P. We have since called up the driver of the said vehicle for investigation and would like the drivers who had recorded the incidents on video to come forward to assist with investigations too.

They can either lodge the report at TP Headquarters at 10 Ubi Avenue 3, Singapore 408865 or at any Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC).”

Credits: The New PaperSTOMP & Mothership.sg

Well, yes he may be in the wrong, but I think that he should be the only one shouldering all the heat/blame instead of his family members because if I recall correctly, there have been many CSI threads on many forums exposing many of his private information including addresses, etc as well as photos of his gf, etcetc.

In my opinion, I think we should just leave this case to the Police now since he’s now being called for questioning ~_~


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