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My Qoo10 Shopping Loots (Plus a Video Review)!

Qoo10 Singapore – Singapore’s No.1 Online Shopping Site 



My Qoo10 Shopping Loots!

As promised in my previous post here, I said that I would do a review of all my Qoo10 shopping loots right? Hehe, I bet you didn’t expect a video too did you? :X

My Qoo10 Shopping Loots (Video Review)

Okay, basically rambling nonsense in my vlog XD 

Anyway, if you didn’t watch the video above, here’s what I bought:

1. 5 iPad Air Covers

As mentioned in my previous post, I had paid S$103.90 for my 5 iPad Air covers for myself and the bf’s family – which works out to be S$21.00 per iPad Air cover

And my loots arrived within less than a week! Pictured below are my iPad Air covers as well as dress (scroll below to see the dress later) from Qoo10 Singapore!(:

Tadaah, my iPad Air Covers were all packed nicely and all was in order at first glance.

Order 2 pinks (1 for myself, 1 for the bf’s sister), 2 blacks (1 for the bf, 1 for the bf’s cousin) and 1 white (for the bf).

Each of the iPad Air covers came with freebies worth S$18 which is an additional bonus because I already got them pretty cheap at S$21! Basically these were our free gifts:

  • 1 Stylus
  • 1 Screen Protector
  • 1 Data Cable
  • Earphone Dust Cap
  • Data Cable Dust Cap
  • Screen Wiper? (Replaced with Cable Winder atm)

Think it’s a pretty good deal yeah?

Lol, and the first thing the bf did was to wipe his iPad Air screen. HAHAHA, yeah, we didn’t get screen protectors YET so imagine it being grossly oily with a thousand fingerprints on it!

His next step – putting on the screen protector.

Playing with my stylus, and yes – that’s my Taiwan itinerary lol

More photos of our iPad Air covers~ This is the bf’s white one.

And my blush pink cover(:

I thought the black ones were pretty nice too!

According to the seller, the iPad Air covers are high quality products that are long lasting.



Lol, I didn’t try to see if their claims were true, but ah, I’m pretty happy with my iPad Air Covers! I mean the essential point of it is to protect my iPad Air and of course…it has to stand so that I can watch my videos on it;x

We are happy people 😀

2. A New Dress for CNY

Usually I would just buy a dress from a random store at Qoo10, that is until I realized that some blogshops actually opened a Qoo10 shop front so this time – decided to get a dress from a blogshop instead because I think the quality should be better 🙂

And the best news? I only paid S$15.90 for my dress so let’s see if I got a bargain shall we? 😀

Delivery was speedy and came earliest amongst all my packages actually.

My dress with these adorable cute Aztec prints came with a lovely thank you note from the blogshop owner.

More photos of my S$15.90 dress, heh.

I think it’s really pretty, but just that it’s probably not suited for CNY because of the color. My mom’s pretty old fashioned, so CNY – (no black or very dark blue till it looks black). Have to mention that their sizes run a little small though.

Would definitely purchase from them again 🙂 At the same time, there are also plenty of other blogshops for me to choose from such as Pearlavish, Dressabelle & Topazette other than Charmed on 9th Avenue so I’m really spoiled for choice!

3. Boots for Taiwan Trip

These will be my first pair(S) of winter boots that I’ve owned in my life (how sad XD) but I’m pretty happy I got them at a rather affordable price of S$42.00 for both of them!

And here they are:

The first pair is this brown Uggs look-alike boots. It’s really nice, soft and comfy! I got them in brown for easier color coordination and it was a great choice 😀

And this is like my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE pair of boots / shoes now! It’s just so soft, furry, comfy, cute..etc – I can totally just ramble on and on about the shoes. But yeah, they are AWESOME 😀


Overall Verdict & Last Comments

As usual, Qoo10 Singapore never fails to deliver my products in tip top condition and I LOVE everything I purchased using my sponsored Qoo10 credits! And of course, before I forget to mention – don’t forget to click on Confirm Delivery to ensure that payment goes through to the respective merchants ya?

I have always be a huge supporter of Qoo10 since it’s Gmarket days, and I definitely would highly recommend you to check out the Qoo10 marketplace for awesome shopping!

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s go SHOPPING:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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