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Heading home for Chinese New Year in China

春運 aka “Chunyun period” aka Spring Festival travel season is the biggest migration on earth which will result in people making 3.2 BILLION trips back to their respective hometown using means of transportation such as planes, cars & buses.

春運 aka “Chunyun period” aka Spring Festival travel season

So can you imagine the crowd?

This is just queuing to get a seat if I’m not wrong.

Fainting cases? – Don’t be surprised

The mad rush to get onboard the bus..

By hook or by crook..

Don’t forget the insane traffic.

Getting onboard the train is difficult too!

But even if you get on board the train, it’s so so so packed!



Credits: Scandicsourcing, Google SearchChinasmack & EDMW

Insane..thank goodness we don’t have to go through this in Singapore!

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