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Food Review | Spageddies @ JEM

Once again, here’s another backdated food review back in 2013 where the bf and I headed to JEM for the first and last time. To be honest, we were not impressed with the mall and headed back to Tampines right after a less than 30 minute walk around the place and lunch at Spageddies.

Spageddies Italian Kitchen (JEM) 

Spageddies Italian Kitchen (JEM)
#01-05 Jem (50 Jurong Gateway Rd)
Singapore, 608549

The Decor & Interior

Didn’t really take many photos at the place as we were famished! The decor had a very rustic Italian feel and it had a pretty comfortable vibe.

Random photos of ourselves

The Menu

As always, here’s the full menu for your reference. For clearer photos, click HERE! There are plenty of sides, Papa’s & Mama’s specialties, pasta, pizza, desserts & drinks as seen below.

The Food & Drinks

1. Ice Lemon Tea & Pepsi – S$4.00 each

Drinks were pretty pricey but not surprisingly and we had 2 drinks each costing a whooping S$8.00 already! But the cups were SO huge – we should have shared one instead ><

2. Half Caesar Salad – S$5.50

I will always have Caesar Salad at any restaurant if I have the stomach for it. This one was quite affordable at S$5.50 and it was seriously, a HUGE portion. Reminded me of my time in the States when I ordered a half caesar salad, and it was about this size. Really generous and it’s not too bad – salad was fresh, full of cheese, dressing was alright.

3. Mushroom Soup – S$5.00

The mushroom soup was decent too and came in a huge bowl. Quite worth it for the price – I remember I did quite like the soup(:

4. Half Loaf – S$2.50

Randomly ordered the half loaf for fun, regretted it. It was hard as hell.

HUGE portions of our sides and our mains haven’t even arrived! Was so stuffed by this time! ><

5. Spaghetti Bolognese – S$13.50

I’m a pretty boring person, so I ordered a spaghetti bolognese. Wanted to try the carbonara but thank goodness I ordered this instead. The portion looks small, but trust me, it’s ALOT because it’s a veritable mountain of pasta which I couldn’t even finish half =.= It was alright, but no spaghetti bolognese can ever compare to the one at Cacio E Pepe.

6. Chicken Scallopini – S$17.50

The bf ordered the chicken scallopini – basically chicken medallions sauteed in a lemon butter sauce with bacon, tomatoes & mushrooms served on a large bed of spaghetti. It was HUGE portion but the bf managed to finish EVERYTHING even though he didn’t really like it @_@ He preferred mine >_<~

Overall Verdict & Review

From the photo below, you can see I wasn’t exaggerating about the portion size right? And it’s not that I’m small sized, I’m quite plump -_- On the whole, I have to say that we had quite a decent meal at Spageddies even though I have to admit that we definitely overordered – but we didn’t expect the portions to be so big ><

In total, we paid about $61.20 for our meal which was pretty expensive lol. Remind me to share my drink and food with the bf and order less sides in the next time we ever eat at Spageddies!

Even though we probably won’t head back to JEM again, luckily there’s still 1 Spageddies outlet at Orchard if ever I have the hankering for a huge plate of pasta but other than that, we will probably give it a miss 🙂

Spageddies Italian Kitchen (JEM)
#01-05 Jem (50 Jurong Gateway Rd)
Singapore, 608549

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