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Honest foreign worker returns $100,000 cash he found

Woah, you usually don’t really get to read stories like these, but here’s one!

Honest foreign worker returns $100,000 cash he found

A Bangladeshi worker from a construction company returned a package that contained more than $100,000 cash to a customer who accidentally it left behind.

He took a look at the contents of the package, and was surprised by the large amount of cash (>$100,000), passports and other documents. He immediately contacted the owner to return the money and declined any rewards for his honesty.

The foreign worker has a monthly income of about $1,000 but was not tempted by the $100,000 cash which he could have used to better his family’s life back in his hometown. He says that he is able-bodied and capable of making a living with his own hands. What an admirable man!

Original Text:

办公室门口捡到现款10几万,孟加拉客工不为所动,马上联络粗心客户,分文不动归还现款,也婉言谢绝失主赏 钱! 路不拾遗的诚实客工,是38岁的卡比尔,任职本地一间建筑公司。他今早在老板谢清湶(44岁)的陪同下受访,绘述了当时的情形。

“我当时在老板位于克兰芝的办公室工作,一名客户离开后不久,我就发现店门口地上有一包东西。” 卡比尔说他上前检查,打开包裹的一瞬间,当场看傻眼,因为在包裹里装着的,竟然是一叠叠花花绿 绿的钞票! “袋子里装的全是大钞,有美金和新币,我不敢点算,但估计总值至少10几万新元!”

来狮城工作多年的卡比尔,月薪1000元,就算不吃不喝,在本地也得苦干10几年才能存到这笔钱。对他来说 ,10几万元如同天文数字,这笔钱足以让他买地盖屋,彻底改善家人生活,可是他却不为所动。

“我后来在袋子里发现护照和一些证件,根据这些资料找到客户的联络号码,马上通知对方回来把钱拿 回去。” 客户接到电话,急忙赶到克兰芝,取回巨款。客户为了表示感激,当下掏钱打赏卡比尔,但被拒绝。 拾金不昧的事迹,事后在客工圈子里传开,卡比尔的诚实行为也获得谢老板的赞扬。

事隔7年,这件好事至今还不时被人提起。对此,卡比尔谦虚地说,他有手有脚,要靠自己的努力改善家人生活。“不义之财,我用了也会不安 心。”

Credits: Wanbao & AsiaOne Forums

Woah, kudos to this guy here for being so honest!

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