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Kurt Tay & His Vietnamese Brides

Woah, Kurt Tay is back in the news again – but luckily this time, it’s slightly better news compared to the previous news I posted on my blog previously!

So anyway, in 2013 HERE, Kurt Tay said that he planned on buying himself a Vietnamese wife and marry before Jan 2014 – and guess what? He wasn’t joking!

Kurt Tay – The Man with C-cup implants weds Vietnamese bride through matchmaking agency

In fact, last year, he paid $8,000 to a matchmaking agency in Penisula Plaza to find him a wife and they did! They had a wedding reception last December in Vietnam and registered the marriage at ROM a couple of days ago in Singapore.

Superstar Kurt Tay Wedding Ceremony in Vietnam(Part 3)

Article on Kurt Tay on The New Paper:

Credits: megabyte14 (EDMW) – Click to view the larger image

At their Wedding Ceremony in Vietnam last year

Credits: Mr Anonymous (EDMW)

She was among the 12 women shortlisted by the agency as below:

This is Vietnam Bride Choice 1

This is Vietnam Bride Choice Number 2

This is Vietnam Bride Choice Number 3

This is Vietnam Bride Choice Number 4

This is Vietnam Bride Choice Number 5

This is Vietnam Bride Choice Number 6

This is Vietnam Bride Choice Number 7

Vietnam Bride Choice Number 8

Vietnam Bride Choice Number 9

Vietnam Bride Choice Number 10

Vietnam Bride Choice Number 11

Vietnam Bride Choice Number 12

And this was his final choice. The MAIN reason why?

“Out of the 12, some minded my implants. For others, their parents minded. Only my wife accepted me for who I am and had her parents’ blessings” he said.

Unfortunately, it looks like the marriage doesn’t seem to be doing too well though..

  • Cultural differences between them – They don’t know each other’s mother tongue and can only communicate through gestures or a translation app on their mobile phones
  • She does not approve of his YouTube videos (she finds them weird), his penchant for using make-up and liking for pink shirts
  • He made a jest on his Facebook that she was too strict and she was pissed with him after that
  • She refused to hold his hand and take a photo together after registering their marriage at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) as he failed to tell his wife that he told The New Paper about the marriage registration. The pair then left ROM with her walking ahead of Kurt Tay

And if you were wondering about his breasts – he WON’T be getting G cups anymore as said previously HERE and he regretted having them. However he WON’T be removing his breasts either because apparently he spent almost all his money getting his Vietnamese wife.

Still, you gotta give him credit for keeping his word I guess. Wishing him best of luck in his new marriage!

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  1. Haiz… then like that he’s gonna ruin a girl’s life. Marrying a woman who has no choice but to agree to get out of poverty. There will be no love between them, and as stated, problems already arising. God bless the girl.

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