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Food Review | Red House Seafood Restaurant

I know I know..I haven’t been blogging too much about my food reviews recently and I promise I’ll get them up soon! I have like over 20-30 pending food reviews to do SINCE last year and I’m just gonna slowly work on them this year okay? ;x

Anyway, I had won a S$50 voucher to Red House Seafood from an OpenRice giveaway sometime last year and I totally forgot about it till the last day that it expired! The initial plan was to bring my mom but well, circumstances changed and I ‘treated’ some of my colleagues – Shin Yun and Lloyd to a seafood lunch instead since the bf couldn’t eat seafood lol.

Red House Seafood Restaurant

Red House Seafood Restaurant (Prinsep) / Red House at Prinsep
68 Prinsep St, 188661
Phone: 6336 6080

The Place & Decor

It’s housed in one of the quaint little shophouses at Prinsep and I really like the exterior of the place!

Entering the restaurant

Here’s the restaurant interior – very modern Chinese I would say.

Table Set Up – Chinese Restaurant Style

Menu & Ordering

As always, here’s the menu for your reference. It’s quite expensive but expected from a seafood restaurant.

They also had dim sum (quite affordable imo), but we wanted to get seafood that day so we skipped this.

The Food

And here’s what we ordered:

1. Braised Peanuts – S$3.00

The customary braised peanuts served at every Chinese restaurant that are always charged to the table irregardless of whether you want it or not. Luckily it’s nice to munch on while waiting for the food to arrive.

2. Crispy Cereal Prawn (300g) – S$21.00

We figured 300g should be enough for 3 of us to share and luckily it was! I thought the cereal prawns were decent but not fantastic – I’ve had better at Lai Huat Sambal Balacan Fish. Still, cereal was still good to eat with the rice, yummy!

3. Seafood Fried Rice (S) – S$14.00

For a (S) seafood fried rice, it was enough for 4-5 pax to share. Since we had 3, we had an extra bowl each. Anyways if you were wondering – yes, the bowl is very small. Luckily, the seafood fried rice was not too bad, pretty generous with the ingredients and it’s overall quite a tasty dish to order.

4. Ee-Fu Noodles (M) – S$18.00

The only regret we probably had was to order the M portion instead of the S portion of the Ee-Fu Noodles because seriously, it was too much! We were like, holy crap look at how big the serving is! Ahhh but Ee-Fu Noodles are one of my favourite noodles and usually I only get to eat it at wedding dinners and sometimes at selected dim sum / Chinese restaurants! Delicious!(:

The Verdict

In general, I wouldn’t rave over the food at Red House Seafood Restaurant but I think it’s a pretty decent place for a meal to be shared amongst friends or family dinners this upcoming New Year. I heard that the crabs are highly raved, but too bad I didn’t get the chance to try them because we didn’t feel like having crabs that day! ;/

I felt that for 3, the price was a tad expensive, but luckily we had the $50 voucher so we split the leftover bill of $22.30. Still, it was obvious our portions were more than enough for 5 – 6 people which probably works out to be $12 / $14 per person which is not too bad, I think.

Given a chance, I might go back to try out their Dim Sum (or crabs!), but for now – I’ll probably give it a pass (unless it’s for a family meal or an indulgent treat)!(:

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