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2014 Chinese Horoscope For the Year of the Horse

Ah..it’s the time of the year again to look at horoscopes for the year (even though I’m not really a big believer). So 2014 this year is the Year of the Horse – and it’s MY year! YAY! 🙂

I’m not too sure, but usually when it’s your year – it’s not really a good year eh? 
Well, I’m hoping that it’s wrong! >_<

Anyway, just saw this random Chinese Horoscope online from this Feng Shui Master, Kevin Foong and here they are:

1. Horse – Myself

Years of Horse: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002

Your birthday must be after 4 February (Li Chun on Chinese Calendar), else your Chinese horoscope should be Snake and not Horse.

For those born in the year of the Horse, you need to stay low profile in 2014 as every aspect of your life can encounter challenges and competition this year. In order to succeed, you need to spend extra effort with your colleagues, friends, supporters and even competitors to solve issue pertaining to the business. You risk losing your reputation if you mishandle the situation properly.

Expenses and social activities will increase for the Horse people and there are signs of money going out swiftly. You need to handle your finances prudently. Lending money should be avoided as you risk getting back later and lose the friendship. In 2014, your mental health cause by the challenges is weak, you need to remain positive and stay strong.

Get a health check for your heart and urinary system if you are experience issues. Single Horse people can seek new partners, however there will be competition involved. Married Horse people will experience conflict in their marriage. Learn to handle the matters peacefully.

Dragon – The Bf

Years of Dragon: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Your birthday must be after 4 February (Li Chun on Chinese Calendar), else your Chinese horoscope should be Rabbit and not Dragon.

For those born in the year of the Dragon, luck is not on your side for 2014 and will be a challenging year. The usual people who come to your aid is not around and you are expected to solve problem by yourself. Dragon people need to selectively choose their friends and allies wisely, and plan properly for your next move.

Generally, it is a good idea to refrain from showing aggressive ambition on your career competition. Due to uncertainly, do not change your job in 2014. Maintain your courage and confidence, you can still prosper in the year. Dragon people can look forward to meeting wealthy and noble people in 2014 which can open up new opportunity. Money luck is unstable, so do avoid taking unnecessary risk on your investment.

Your health luck is going down due to heavy mental pressure. Depression and being worrisome can happen to some Dragon people who did not take it positively. Seek your close friends for solace during this period. Road accident is highly prone this year, so be careful on the road to avoid injury. Single Dragon people need to be patient in 2014 as your love luck is dim. If you really need to seek for new partner, you can try in August, September and November. Married Dragon people need to spend more quality family time.

Rooster – My Mom

Years of Rooster: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

Your birthday must be after 4 February (Li Chun on Chinese Calendar), else your Chinese horoscope should be Monkey and not Rooster.

For people born in the year of the Rooster, you should continue to do well in 2014 as everything seems to be smooth for you. Rooster people should prepare to accept more job assignments and pressures which can be looked upon as a chance for promotion at work. Build up the people relationship in the office. Plenty of money opportunity in 2014, so you need to work your way there. There will be pressure coming from your work.

Have enough rest and these will be small illness. Elderly Rooster people need to pay attention to their respiratory system as there are signs of throat and lung problem in 2014. Single Rooster people can look forward to meet the opposite sex. Romance star is strong in 2014, married Rooster people should avoid abusing it with extra love affairs which lead to lawsuit and wealth loss.

Note to readers: Chinese horoscope based on the year sign only present 12.5% accuracy as there are 4 Pillars in each person life destiny known as “Bazi” or “Four Pillar of Destiny”. The Chinese horoscope methodology simply only look at the animal sign which is the year branch vs the animal sign

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Man..my horoscope doesn’t look too good this year but fingers crossed that it won’t be accurate – noooo!~ I don’t wanna lose money 🙁

Hope yours is alright this year! 🙂

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  1. Hi Kevin..I read your horse predictions and it’s pretty accurate. ..though it haven’t fall in the horse year yet…ive encountered some experience at my work place and ppl working around me…how can I further prevent it.Born in the year 1954..

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