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Happy New Year 2014 & My New Year Resolutions!

Do you notice how fast time flies each year after 21? It seems almost like a few weeks ago that I wrote my 2013 resolutions and New Year wishes HERE.

Anyway here’s a short look back at 2013 based on my resolutions from last year (and basically, I didn’t want to dig out all my posts ;x)

A Look Back at 2013

  1. Go on another overseas trip – ACHIEVED

    I went for my first overseas trip with the bf to a 3D2N Bangkok trip. You can read my travelogue for my Bangkok trip HERE & HERE

  2. I then travelled to Genting Highlands with the bf again because I wanted to travel there before the theme park closed down! You can read my 3D2N Genting travelogue, HERE, HERE & HERE!

    And just a few weeks ago, I headed for a 3D2N Batam trip with the bf because I felt a random urge to just get out of Singapore. You read my Batam travelogue HERE, HERE & HERE. Day 3 is still in the works though, hehe.

  3. Lose weight – NOT ACHIEVED

    Okay, this I tried. And am still trying – lol! In fact, I think I put on weight instead XD

  4. Keep up blogging for at least a year – ACHIEVED

    Oh yes I did keep up blogging for at least a year and even celebrated my 1st blog anniversary a few months ago in November!(: Click HERE to read about it!

    At the same time, I can’t believe it, but I achieved my personal milestone of 1 million views within 2013!

  5. Enter the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 – ACHIEVEDI self-nominated my blog for the Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog and oh my gosh, I made it to the top 10 finalists! 😀

    What’s even crazier?! With your support, I somehow managed to clinch the Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog Award! It was an insane moment when they announced my blog’s name at the OMY.SG Blog awards @_@

  6. Achieve success with GlamPuss and branch out into apparels – HALF ACHIEVED

    Okay, GlamPuss isn’t exactly successful, but I managed to branch out into apparels! ^^

    And we had our first / second apparels photoshoot with my lovely model, Sharon. You can read about our first photoshoot HERE.

My 2014 New Year Resolutions

  1. To go for more Overseas Trip(s)I’m hoping to go for more overseas trips with the bf in 2014!(: I’m also hoping to bring my mom to either Bangkok (she mentioned she wanted to go) or Hong Kong!
  2. Go on my first StaycationCan you believe it?! I’ve NEVER been on a staycation before in my life! Hoping to go on my first staycation with the bf in 2014(:
  3. Lose WeightOkay, my dream weight is at least 47kg so I’m just going to try my best to try to lose weight (again) in 2014!
  4. Enter the Singapore Blog Awards 2014Well, I’m going to try my luck again at the Singapore Blog Awards 2014 and this time, I’m hoping (with fingers crossed) that I can get into the Top 10 again for any categories in 2014.
  5. Learn to ride a bicycleThis is sad, but yes, I don’t know how to ride a bicycle! Hehe, so in 2014..I want to LEARN how to ride a bicycle!~
  6. Get a new phoneMy old phone is just sad. Every few months I keep telling myself to upgrade my phone, but till now..I’m still waiting for the new phone to come out. Lol, I’ve waited for the S3, S4, Note 2 and most recently, the Note 3 which the bf got. And now..I’m waiting for the S5 next year. But this time, I’m REALLY going to get a new phone in 2014!
  7. Keep Up Blogging on a Daily Basis

    If you’ve been reading my blog since I’ve started blogging, you might have noticed that I blog like..DAILY. So I’m going to keep up doing that on a daily basis (except when I’m on holidays okay!)!(:

The Bf’s 2014 New Year Resolutions

  1. Pass all modules in University
  2. Get a ripped body – basically his 6 pack back
  3. Save 7k

Oh and do you realize? Next year in’s the Year of the Horse – which is my birth year!(: Hopefully this will bring me some good luck ^^

Lastly and most importantly, here’s wishing EVERYONE…

Happy New Year 2014!

As always, I’m very thankful to have you reading my blog(: So here’s wishing you and EVERYONE love, money, prosperity, success, happiness, luck, peace, health and good fortune in 2014! ♥

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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    1. Oh lol! I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t know how to ride a bike! I’m like the laughingstock of my office because of that HHAHA! Will try my best to learn but uh.. with my sense of balance – I think I’m gonna fail! Hehehe

      Oh and happy 2014!(:

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