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mitsueki Travels | 3D2N Batam November 2013 – DAY 2

We are finally onto Day 2 of my Batam trip! Lol, if I’m taking so much time to do a 3D2N Batam trip, I don’t know how long I’ll take for my upcoming 9D8N Taiwan trip next year in February! XD Anyway, if you’ve missed out on Day 1, read the posts below:

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Okay, to start off – we were supposed to be up by 8.30 – 9am to have breakfast at our hotel, but uh, I kinda overslept. The bf tried to wake me up but I was too sleepy and I awoke to him watching Winx Club on TV. Like whattt?

Random OOTD before heading out. If you were wondering which hotel I was staying in – it’s Gideon Hotel. You can read my hotel review of Gideon Hotel HERE.

Left a small tip for the housekeeper!(:

I didn’t plan much of an itinerary for the Batam trip but the plan was to spend the day at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. We took a cab there whom the hotel valet managed to engage for us. I can’t remember the exact price we agreed on but it was less than S$4-5 and both parties were alright with it.

Do note that the cab drivers in Batam (like in Bangkok) don’t use their taxi meters, so you have to negotiate with them before getting on it.

The journey took us about 10-15minutes and it wasn’t too long before we reached Nagoya Hills Shopping Centre.

Image Credits: Arrakeen’s Site

Opposite the shopping centre, noticed quite a number of massage places and shopping areas as below. Not sure if they are part of the mall but we didn’t go there.

I had relatively high expectations of Nagoya Shopping Mall after reading reviews and hearing recommendations from a number of people – including the bf’s family who just came back from Batam a few weeks before us. Plus I was comparing it against BCS Mall that we went the day before as mentioned HERE. So let’s see if it lived up to expectations!(:

A couple of snapshots around the mall:

Oh and we finally spotted KFC instead of BFC as seen at BCS Mall mentioned HERE!

It was around lunchtime when we reached Nagoya Mall (woke up late remember? ><) and we headed first to this large food street. There was like..barely/no air conditioning around the area so it was really, really stifling hot.

After walking around the area, we finally settled on having Indonesian food at Ayam Penyet Ria which was fortunately, in an air conditioned shop. Oh and apparently they also have an outlet in Singapore!(:

Here’s the menu below – really cheap ya? @_@

Our food and drinks:

He ordered a milk tea if I’m not wrong while I tried this special soda called Soda Gembira (Happy Soda). Worst choice because it was pretty ugh. Bought a cola after that while the bf polished it off!

An omelette to share. It was really salty at some parts but the bf liked it alot. Thought it was alright.

My ayam penyet! I really, really enjoyed it though the chili was too spicy for my tastebuds. Would recommend it if you were to dine there(:

The bf ordered the grilled chicken. It wasn’t as good as the ayam penyet, but it was alright.

Lastly, we ordered a plate of kangkung to share which was surprisingly..not as spicy as I thought it to be.

Here’s another view of what we ordered. Oh and guess the price! XD

Yepp, you saw that right! We only paid S$10.30 for this meal! Insanely cheap! 😀

Decided to explore more of Nagoya Hill after lunch to work out abit after a relatively heavy lunch and here are some snapshots of the shops we passed:

Anyone spot the Rilakkuma(s)? 😀

I notice that arcades are really popular in Batam and it was no surprise to find two at Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre. One was a Timezone at level 1 while the 2nd larger arcade was the one below. We kinda looked at the prices of the Timezone back at BCS Mall yesterday and found the prices of all the arcade games at Nagoya to be more expensive. Still, it was really cheap though.

Anyway, we found Nagoya Hill to be pretty boring and about the same as BCS Mall so we decided to whittle the time away in the arcades especially the one below. HAHA!~

Plenty of toy catcher machines inside that are dirt cheap to play.

Uh and we even spotted this machine where you can catch cigerettes. This reminds me that Batam has ALOT of smokers and they are allowed to smoke EVERYWHERE including the arcade so you have to breathe in alot of second hand smoke everywhere you go which is not very pleasant.

The games that always hooked us (even back in Singapore) were the coin pusher games (think the Coin Dozer game on iPhone/Android). Prize Stage in Singaopore used to have them before they were banned so we indulged our ‘gambling’ at Batam instead. And yes, these coin pusher games are bloody addictive.

If I remember right, we played for awhile here before deciding to head back to BCS Mall to play instead since it was cheaper.

Before that, decided to head to the supermarket to check out goodies and compare prices with the one at JC Supermarket at BCS Mall which you can read about here. And no surprise there – the prices here were more expensive and there was nothing much that interested us except these. Like woah, all the fried stuff were just displayed like this @_@

Still, we did buy some snacks back:

Headed to A&W (main reason why we were here) for a ‘tea-break’. Gosh, I really do miss A&W – please bring it back to Singapore! ><~

The menu – sorry for the poor photos:

At A&W, you gotta have the root beer float, curly fries and the ice cream waffles! Pity that the curly fries were sold out so we had to settle for the other two options instead ;/

Ah the root beer float! Pity it taste as good as I hoped I remembered it to be though ;/

As least I was pretty happy with my ice cream waffles! Yums!(:

We hopped into a cab after that and headed back to BCS Mall (also paid about S$4-5). Ah BCS Mall, I prefer you over the overrated Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre ><

Before heading to the arcade, I was contemplating doing either acrylic or gelish nails at BCS Mall because I heard it was quite cheap. Too bad the 4 – 5 nail salons we went to had too many customers and the price was only slightly below Singapore’s many home salons, so I decided to skip it.

There are 2 arcades at BCS Mall. 1 is Timezone (cheaper than MegaMall & Nagoya Hill) while the other is a separate arcade (can’t recall the name). We headed first to Timezone to check out the games.

To play, you gotta have the Timezone card and so we got the cheapest Powercard. I think there was a total value of S$10? Or was it S$20? The games were about 30 – 70 cents each, definitely cheaper than in Singapore. And so we just freely spent on all the games and well, it was alright but I wasn’t too satisfied.

Cashed out all our points for some goodies including Tim Tam and Paddlepop!(:

Headed into the next arcade after that. Mm, if we were there the next time, this is the arcade we will spend the rest of the day in. And if you were wondering’ll see. Read on!(:

P.s yes, there’s a bowling alley inside as well

Gahahaha, quickly snapped a photo of myself riding the super cute and big Pikachu kid ride

And yes, this was why we LOVED this arcade to bits! The arcade was just full of coin pusher games and it was freaking AWESOME. Well, other than the secondhand smoke we had to breathe in. But that didn’t matter to us after we were hooked.

We were looking for machines to throw our money at but the ones that were great were already taken by old-timers/regulars so it was a huge pity. Oh and there are ALOT of people playing here so yes, arcades are basically kinda like gambling dens in Batam and once you get hooked, you can play here for hours and lose all your money in the pursuit of fun.

In the end, we settled our butts down at the Monkey Kong coin pusher game and it wasn’t too long before we were hooked. By the way, it’s about S$0.10 per coin if you were wondering(: Spent about S$30-40 here and almost hit the jackpot. After we exhausted all the different machine spin combos, we were off to the next machine.

The dino machine was fairly decent, but we weren’t too much of a fan because the machine spins weren’t as fantastic and easy as the King Kong one. Spent about S$10-S$20 here as well though.

The last machine we decided to try was the Monopoly one. We were wondering why it wasn’t as popular as the others – then we figured out why. It was fun, but the coin rate was horrible because there was a little slope at the ledge there so it made it hard for the coins to be pushed over. Still, there was a fun machine and the guy opposite us won the jackpot like a few seconds before us. Damnit.

In total, we probably spent about S$80 for all the machines and spent more than 4-5 hours playing if I remember right. Lol it was still cheaper than playing in Singapore (we wasted more than S$120+++++ previously each time we played the machines) and we will definitely do this again when we come to Batam again. LOL!

It was finally time for some dinner after some ‘gambling’ and we decided to have our last dinner at Batam over at A2 Food Court. It’s basically an outdoor food court with plenty of seafood options to choose from. There’s also an indoor area if you prefer, but I would suggest you sit outdoors instead unless it’s too crowded. And I have to say – it was bloody crowded at 9pm or so.

It took us about 10minutes to finally find seats for 2 and the bf’s eyes were just glued onto the screen watching his Liverpool match. They lost btw – HAHA(:

And here’s our food – most were gotten from the 1st seafood stall because they looked more Chinese so we could communicate better.

First off, green chili (we didn’t try)

Sambal stingray (Separate stall – believe there’s only 1 there)

My favourite stir-fried kailan

Venison (deer) meat for the bf

Butter Crabs

Frog Legs (I forgot which sauce! looks like gong bao)

The venison was a huge letdown and we only ate like a bite or two because it wasn’t very nice. Meanwhile, the rest of the seafood and frog legs weren’t exceptional, but it was aplenty, fresh, yummy and CHEAP! And yes, we ordered quite alot and the family opposite us were like O_O

Oh and can you believe this? This ENTIRE meal including drinks and 2 bowls of rice only cost us S$25! Insane mad cheap D:

While we were eating, we heard some scary loud booms and for a moment, I was like thinking – oh my lord, were those gunshots?!

Luckily, it wasn’t. Some random person set off fireworks in the sky and it was just such a fitting end to our last night here at Batam! 😀

Meanwhile, stay tuned for my last post on Batam as we visit MegaMall opposite the ferry terminal before heading back to Singapore!(:

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