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Quan Yi Feng’s Daughter – Eleanor Lee Kai Xin is So Pretty!

Woah, all the stars seem to have pretty daughters but this one takes the cake (I think!)

Quan Yifeng’s daughter is not just a pretty face

Quan Yifeng’s daughter has the looks, the brains, and the talent.  Yu Kaixin is not only a looker; she also does well in school and is talented.

According to a report in Lianhe Wanbao, Quan Yi Feng says her daughter has good grades and likes art and music. She can also play the piano and guitar, and is a well-behaved teen.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

@_@ sibei chio siah!

Anyway, was looking around the net for more photos of the daughter, and I realized her name is Eleanor Lee Kai Xin. So for all you guys out there, here are some more photos of her from Instagram, her blog and all around the web.

**Please note that she is only 14 years old <_<

Bonus Photo from when she was younger:

Well, this girl’s gonna have a bright future ahead!

So here’s wishing her well! 🙂

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