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Video | 2 PRC Women Fighting at Chinatown Singapore!

Spotted first on EDMW forums, and then on Passiontab.com Facebook – a video of 2 PRC women fighting in public at Smith Street, Chinatown Singapore. Super violent – loads of hitting, slapping, screaming and SO MUCH DRAMA!

2 PRC Women Fighting at Chinatown Singapore!


Watch the videos here below:

Auntie Vs Auntie At Chinatown, Singapore! (Part 1) 

Auntie Vs Auntie At Chinatown, Singapore! (Part 2)

If you were wondering what’s going on…I’m not too sure too. All I can tell is that 2 PRC women are fighting (and so are their husbands/bf/???) who seem to be Singaporeans? Not too sure. Some Facebook comments say that they are calling each other sluts/whores @_@

So for now, I’m just gonna wait till more details are revealed.

Bah, but seriously, such a violent scene in public. Embarrassing ttm. There are tourists around there you know? What would they think? -_-

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