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Friends With Jill – Singapore’s First Online Feminine Care Shop

Do you agree that online shopping is taking over practically EVERYTHING nowadays? And I have to say that I do almost purchase everything online – from apparels to accessories, birthday gifts, make-up products and sometimes – even groceries because it’s just so convenient to do so in the comfort of your own home and even in the office! Hehe

Well, there’s one more that I’m adding to the list that I purchase online – my feminine care needs(: And here’s introducing…


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Friends With Jill is Singapore’s first online feminine care shop for women to meet their feminine care needs in a quick, convenient (and private) way.

Best of all – it’s all for a worthy cause as 1% of their profits are donated to charity!

The complete range of feminine care and Jill’s innovative solutions mean that women in Singapore, can for the very first time, enjoy online convenience for the products they need and use the most!

So as you can see, Friends With Jill carries a large category of products for all your feminine needs ranging from pads, liners to washes, hair removal and even test kits!

Plus they do carry all the major brands across the entire feminine care segment which in turn translates to a HUGE range of choices for consumers like us!

So basically pads, liners and tampons are purchase-able by the piece where we ladies can mix and match across brands and types to create our own unique monthly mix.

For washes, test kits, hair removals and other categories – these are sold as per normal (i.e bottles, etc).

How It Works

If you were wondering how this works, here’s a simple guide from Friends With Jill to help you along the way:

Benefits of Shopping at Friends With Jill

#1: Saving time, lots of it
No more journeys to stores and long queues! Do the math, how much time would one have spent in a queue over a lifetime?!

#2: Simple points rebate system
Points are displayed for every product and redemption is an absolute breeze with sliders at checkout for you to indicate your exact $$ offset amount.

#3: Jill’s fuss free referral program
Earn points from inviting friends simply by entering their e-mail addresses. (if your friend spends $1,on the first order she earns 100 points while you earn 200)

#4: Never be afraid to order anything
No more prying and judgmental eyes in stores when you purchase the more “sensitive stuff” like test kits for pregnancy or yeast infections.

#5: We have pledged 1% of our profits to charity
Every purchase helps us generate revenue and eventually a profit of which a portion goes to charity. Every purchase therefore materially contributes.

#6: Pads, liners and tampons are sold by the piece
This allows everyone to mix and match across brands and products to create their own unique mix! Receive exactly the products you want and need.

#7: You don’t have to be home to receive parcels
Our unique vacuum sealed parcels fit your mailbox (based on monthly usage quantities) which means you don’t have to be home when it arrives!

#8: Discreet and inconspicuous packaging
Opaque packaging and its rectangle shape means that no one in the office can ever guess what you’ve just ordered!

#9: Always prepared
You never have to worry about running out; Jill’s delivery calculations even include an initial buffer stock . You’ll be prepared from the moment you subscribe.

#10: Extra savings
Subscribers receive a months worth of points as bonus. We do this because we can lock in price savings from our suppliers and pass that on to you.

#11: Reclaim space at home
Stuffed drawers, rooms and toilets will be a thing of the past. Throw out those drawers for more space or use them for something more important

My Experience with Friends With Jill

And of course, I’m here to share my own personal experience shopping for my feminine needs at Friends With Jill!(:


So let’s just say that I’ve decided to purchase my pads and liners for my monthly usage. After gauging how much I tend to use based on my past usage, I checked out the large range of products available for my selection and mixed it up a little by trying out other brands. If you refer to the screenshot below, Friends With Jill really carries loads of varieties and brands such as maternal pads and the usual wing/non-winged versions of pads.

I usually use the brand Sofy (my mom buys it hurhur) but I decided to try out the Laurier Super Slimguard for once since I’ve the option to change up my choices and added it to my cart. Oh and do you see that Friends With Jill has a point system? The choice that I selected is worth 34 points EACH (so 34 x 5 = 170 points) and that’s pretty useful as these points can be used to offset my future purchases (5000 points is worth S$1)!(:

It wasn’t too long that I created my own unique monthly mix of pads and liners from a few brands as seen below:

*Note: I was given 100k worth of complimentary points to shop

Check Out

After I clicked on “Proceed to Checkout“, I was led to the following page where I had to select my name & address (already pre-registered when I signed up), choose one of the 3 special checkout options available and review my final order.

Note that the shipping fee is dependent on the weight of the items ordered but most customers will only pay up to a maximum of $0.99!:

If you were wondering about the 3 checkout options as mentioned above, here are your options:

  1. You can opt to Buy the items in your shopping cart Now – so these items will be delivered to you within 2 business days. This option is usually selected for products such as washes, test kits and etc. Alternatively, if you don’t like to subscribe – you can select this choice to have your pads/liners delivered to you within 2 business days!
  2. If you have decided to subscribe (highly recommend!), you have 2 options to choose from depending on your flow:
    Irregular Cycle: Your selected mix of pads/liners, etc will be delivered within the 1st week of every month
    Period Tracker: Your selected mix of pads/liners, etc will be delivered every 26 days. For example if you are very regular and it comes on the 28th day (ie, 6 Dec), Friends With Jill will deliver your elected mix of pads/liners, etc by 4 Dec.

And remember I mentioned earlier that you can enjoy 20% OFF your purchase at Friends With Jill? You just have to type in: “jill_mitsueki” at the discount code box in the checkout page before clicking on Place Order Now!


Quote "jill_mitsueki" upon check out to enjoy 20% OFF at Friends With Jill!


Payment at Friends With Jill is pretty smooth and safe as they are using the trusted gateway, WorldPay. So all you have to do is to select between VISA or MASTERCARD depending on what you have:

Fill up the details below like what I did. I used my DBS VISA Debit Card by the way and it was really simple and easy to make my payment in the comfort of my own home!(:

And there you have it! I’ve finished shopping at Friends With Jill! It’s really easy right? 😀


Oops, I think I forgot to reveal that I had selected the Period Tracker option as I’m fairly regular. It was scheduled to arrive on 6 December (28 days) and tralala, I received my package from Friends With Jill promptly on 4 December (26 days) as what was promised(:

It came in this pretty pink (and flat) package that the postman was able to fit into my letterbox nicely. Hehe, and I bet he never would have guessed what was inside (unless he reads my blog!)!(:

And here you go – my unique monthly mix of pads and liners inside this opaque and vacuum-sealed packaging which I can fit nicely into my drawer for use.

Yay! Space saved as now I don’t have to buy any more bulky pads (20s) / liners (20s) so I have more space in my drawer(:


I really like the whole concept of Friends With Jill because it’s really more convenient to get all my feminine needs online without having to step into a supermarket to pick up my stuff. This means time saved, less hassle and I have more time to work on my blog post ;p

Best of all, I know that 1% of their proceeds go to charity so I know that it’s going to a good cause!(: Plus there’s this awesome point system which I can use to offset my future purchase – and so much more!

Lastly, I’m proud to say that I’m Friends With Jill – and you should too because she makes it easier!(:


Quote "jill_mitsueki" upon check out to enjoy 20% OFF at Friends With Jill!

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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