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Plastic surgery made Korean woman so beautiful that her own surgeon proposed to her

Ah, the wonders and miracles of Korean surgery:

Plastic surgery made Korean woman so beautiful that surgeon proposed to her

Korean woman Huyn Jang Jin used to be bullied for looking like a boy, but after undergoing plastic surgery, she was so beautiful that her own plastic surgeon proposed to her.

Before Surgery

In high school, Huyn suffered taunts for having a masculine face. She has never had a boyfriend. Her university then decided to to sponsor her to undergo plastic surgery.

No Make-Up (After Surgery)

With Make-Up (After Surgery)

After Surgery

She is now 33 years old, and engaged to her doctor, who proposed to her as she looked too beautiful after surgery.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Other miraculous Korean surgeries:

Oh and here’s one that I’m pretty interested HAHA

Anyway, seriously – Korean surgery has never ceased to amaze me.. @_@


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