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Avoid Telemarketers with the Singapore National ‘Do Not Call’ Registry

Do you freaking hate telemarketers who call / sms you unsolicited telemarketing messages during the day? Hoho, guess what? 

How to avoid telemarketers through the ‘Do Not Call’ registry

Yes – Now you can avoid all those pesky telemarketers through the “Do Not Call” Registry which will get your number off the list of people marketing folks can contact through.

The registry was set up by the PDPC (Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore) for consumers who would like their telephone numbers to be blocked from telemarketing messages via phone, short messaging service (SMS) or fax. They can register for free online, or via phone or SMS.

Singapore National ‘Do Not Call’ Registry

Registration with the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry is free and simple. There are three methods to register:

  1. Online @ DNC Registry website
    Log on to www.dnc.gov.sg to register or deregister on any Register.
    Note: Access to the device which you are registering the number of is required to complete the registration.
  2. SMS
    Send an SMS with the message “DNC” to the following:

     78772  Register on all 3 Registers
     78773  Register on No Voice Call Register
     78774  Register on No Text Message Register
     78771  Menu for other options (including to deregister)

    Note: You can only register the number that you SMS from and SMS charges will apply.

  3. Phone
     1800 248 0772  Register on all 3 Registers
     1800 248 0773  Register on No Voice Call Register
     1800 248 0774  Register on No Text Message Register
     1800 248 0771  Menu for other options (including to deregister)

    Note: You can only register the number that you call from. This number must not be subscribed to caller-ID blocking service.

You should expect to stop receiving unsolicited telemarketing messages through your registered telephone number 30 days after registration (if you register on or after 2 July 2014) and up to 60 days after registration (if you register before 2 July 2014).

Your registration does not expire unless you terminate your telephone number or if you deregister your telephone number from the DNC Register(s). You may deregister at any time.

The DNC Registry has registered more than 67,000 unique numbers as of 6pm on its launch day on Monday, said a spokesperson from the PDPC said.

Credits: PDPC.gov.sgYahoo Newsroom

Oh yeah, I’m definitely registering my number at the ‘Do Not Call’ Registry. Not sure if it will really work, but eh, I seriously FREAKING hate getting cold calls.

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