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mitsueki’s Blog 1st Year Anniversary + Giveaway!

Can you believe how time flies?
Within a blink of an eye, a year has passed and my blog is turning 1.

Blue Cupcake and Candle

Honestly, I can’t believe that I actually kept up blogging for an ENTIRE YEAR! I’ve had blogs on and off ever since the blogging fever started up back in Secondary school and the longest I ever kept one was like 3 months? But when I started this blog, I had this feeling that it was going to be different and ..life changing. And boy, am I glad that I wasn’t wrong!(:

My Blogging Journey: GlamPuss -> mitsueki’s Blog

My blogging journey started out with a dream. A dream of owning my own blogshop which I finally decided to set up last year – a small accessories shop called GlamPuss (now rebranded as mitsueki, by mitsueki). There were loads of marketing avenues but one of the marketing channels I could think of was to set up a blog. And behold, this blog was born with the initial aim of using it as GlamPuss’s marketing platform! You can refer here for my initial few blog posts – they were all mostly about GlamPuss, heh.

Slowly, I started writing about my own personal life – mainly on my meals and outings with the bf as well as sharing random nonsense such as doodles and videos other than posts on GlamPuss. It was after engaging a blogger, Catherine (sgcomplainqueen) to do my first blogger advertorial for GlamPuss, did I harbour the thoughts of doing advertorials as well because well, it seemed fun!

This in turn led to my first advertorial for this blogshop, Avecre. Well, technically it wasn’t sponsored but I got the top free due to the like and share contest they had on Facebook. Had an enjoyable time writing and I found that it was super satisfying to do. Plus I was surprisingly getting quite a abit of traffic (a lot to me at that time) despite all the nonsense I was writing.

And then I got addicted to my blog stats after that. That drove me to work super hard at publishing blog posts which could strike a balance between my personal life and advertising for GlamPuss. With that in mind, I continued doing it, and I realized that the blogging fever had officially caught up with me!

  • But the thing that eluded me was this: I wasn’t sure what kind of blogger I was or which category I belonged to.
  • What I knew was this: I’m not pretty enough to camwhore and look good in my blog posts. I’m not that bhb too HAHAHA. Plus, I can’t model clothes or what, I’m too plump!

Speaking of which, I unfortunately started to be a little greedy and with my horrible low stats, and despite knowing my stats and lack of attractiveness in face and form, I actually went to mail a couple of blogshops if they would like to sponsor me stuff in return for an advertorial.


Lol, naturally I was either rejected or ignored except for this one blogshop, Chip-Hip.com (Closed) who actually engaged me for not one, but TWO blog advertorials in exchange for apparels despite my size! But regardless.. Looking back now especially after the OMY.SG blogger sharing session, I’m like..ew. No, please don’t do that. Oh God why did I even do that? 

And no, ever since then, I’ve NEVER EVER emailed any blogshop for sponsorship purposes because .. well, you just don’t. In my opinion, it’s akin to begging just like this blogger here (yours may differ of course). I’m pretty mortified to admit that I actually went to do that but lesson learnt! Plus, I don’t threaten shops, lol~

But anyway, along the way I finally found my main nichesharing. Every interesting article, news, products that I thought was interesting or COULD be interesting was then published in my blog. I was on forums, Facebook and read up on loads of news articles online and offline to make sure that I was always updated and yes, I still do this on a daily basis(: I also realized that I actually eat out alot and that led to writing more food reviews and my interest in cafe-hopping and traveling!

Oh and once you realize what category of blogger you are, you will naturally establish yourself as one. And I’ve labelled myself as a Lifestyle, Food & Random News blogger. So creative huh? *sarcasm, lol* – But honestly I couldn’t think of anything else! With that, a newfound passion was just ignited and I’ve been going on happily on this blogging journey ever since.

Ps, if you were wondering about GlamPuss (now mitsueki, by mitsueki), I do update collections occasionally but this has taken a backseat to blogging and of course, my full time job(:

Blogging Perks

To be honest, maintaining a blog is not easy. It’s a whole lot of hard work, grit, passion and almost daily late nights that goes into every single post that I put out on my blog. Don’t forget that I juggle a full time job as well! So..thank goodness..blogging has some perks!

1. Get Event / Media / Food Tasting Invites: I have NEVER attended (or received) so many events in my life before. But ever since I started blogging, I’ve attended over 25 events – not alot to you, but to me..eh, let’s just say I don’t usually attend events. But anyway, through the events, I’ve gotten the opportunity to eat free food like a pig and get free goodie bags, oh mai gawd i love goodie bags! to network and rub shoulders with many other bloggers and I’ve even made other blogger friends despite being such a wallflower. Heh

2. Make Friends: You can expand your social network through blogging such as through attending the blogger/media events (as mentioned) as well as through the blog networking online/offline

3. Get Paid Advertorials: Need extra moolah to indulge in frequent blogshopping habits? Yeah, I do so through my advertorials! So yes – if you didn’t know, I do charge a writing fee for most of my advertorials & reviews.

4. Get Freebies: What more can I say? But usually freebies come at a  price (price = gotta blog about it!) though! ~_~

5. You become smarter: I think I’ve become smarter after blogging LOL (major bhb here!)

6. Improve Photography skills: I think my ‘photography’ skills have improved ever since I started blogging. Just compare pictures of my food reviews last year and now! Not fantastic, but an improvement! ~_~

7. Snag good bargains and get first hand news: This is through press releases and event/media invites.

I can’t think of anything else at the top of my head now, especially since I think this post should suffice!

Random Blog Facts

Do you know?

I have been blogging daily for 365 days with at least 1 - 7 posts daily.

Okay fine.

There WERE a couple of days where I didn’t blog daily but that’s because I was away on my 3D2N BANGKOK and 3D2N GENTING HIGHLANDS trip. But other than that..you can tell that I blog. Alot. Wth, I didn’t even realized that I published over 1000 blog posts on my blog within 1 year till I took this screenshot -.-


Ah, and remember my previous blog views from last year?

If you were wondering..this is how much it has changed since then:


Really, really happy to have hit 900k views a couple of days ago and I honestly, never thought that I could even get that close @_@. In fact, this surpassed my initial dream goals of 50k, 77,777, 100k and 500k as seen here! Next goal: 1 million? 2 million? XD

Blog Accolades 

Through my journey, my blog managed to pick up 2 blog accolades that I’m really really thankful for and I’m still freaking awed that I received them.

1. My blog is ranked Number 13 in the “Most Popular Singapore Bloggers Award” (based on Alexa Traffic) awarded by TheSmartLocal.com ranking above other big-name bloggers such as ohsofickle, Beatrice Tan, sixpegs, MrBrown, Darren Sim and Miss Tam Chiak in 2013.

2. In the prestigious annual Singapore Blog Awards 2013, I managed to bag the “Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog” award.

My Thanks

What a crazy journey this whole year has been! Well, all the above wouldn’t have happened without the support of these people:

  1. The bf – my bestie & everything
  2. The bestie, Crystal – My cafehopping and event buddy
  3. My Mom who doesn’t even know I blog – but allows me to work late into the wee hours of the morning

Would also like to take the opportunity to thank the following:

  • OMY.SG Blog Club (Nuffnang is out for me, but thank God for Omy.Sg Blog Club)!
  • All my advertisers who have selected my blog as your advertising platform!
  • All the marketing / PR agencies for sending me event invitations and everything!
  • Google, Yahoo & Bing! (For search engine visibility, LOL! And no, I don’t pay for SEO or any of that crap)

To the above, I feel blessed and I really appreciate the opportunity given to work together and may we continue to do so next year and beyond!(: Oh, if you would like to work with me, click here! ^^~

Meanwhile, can’t forget to thank my other besties, close friends, friends (you know who you are) and of course, my colleagues at work!(:

But most importantly, like..COME ON!
How can I forget about thanking YOU?

Yes you, reading this post now(:


And do you know how much I appreciate your readership?

Let’s see..How about this? Even when I’m mentally, or physically tired / emotionally drained..just knowing that I actually have some blog readers, it just keeps me going to make sure that my blog is always updated daily for YOUR reading pleasure(:

Therefore, I hereby solemnly swear to continue striving to blog daily about 
trending news & products, current affairs, food reviews, 
my cafehopping experience, travel experience, bucket list, 
interesting articles, random news, products that I find interesting / useful, my thoughts and basically everything random and interesting 
that I want to share with you and everyone else(:

Pinky Promise! ^^

mitsueki’s Blog 1st Year Anniversary Giveaway

Yes, so I made you scroll a long way before you can reach the giveaway portion. Muhahaha. But anyway, I wanted to thank my readers for supporting my blog throughout this 1 year so..what else is better than a giveaway? 😀

I’m giving away 30 random accessories (worth over S$250!) from GlamPuss to 30 lucky mitsueki’s Blog readers! The accessories up for grabs include:

How to Win?

**Note: HAVE to at least fulfill Step 1 – 3 to be eligible. Complete ALL steps to get a chance for better prizes!

  1. LIKE mitsueki’s Blog on Facebook
  2. LIKE & SHARE this Facebook Post
  3. Leave any birthday comment on the Facebook Post, for example: “Happy 1st Year Blog Anniversary to mitsueki’s Blog!”
  4. Follow @mitsueki on Twitter / @mitsueki on Instagram for additional chances to win!
  5. Fill up the form below:

*Giveaway CLOSED
*Open to Singaporeans only
*Note, accessories will be sent out randomly so unfortunately, you won’t get to choose!
*For the guys, so sorry..I promise to get unisex items in the future ;x

Good luck! ♥


*Winner list are NOT in order. Items will be sent out randomly

  1. Jill Balcos
  2. Wendy Ang
  3. Tan Qiao Hao
  4. Yu Jun
  5. Oh Lye Choon
  6. Foon Keow Lee
  7. Christine Rodriguez
  8. Missy Grace L
  9. Eddy Khoo
  10. Cierra Tan
  11. Pang Shaying
  12. Wen Jie Ying
  13. Monera Tan
  14. Elize Lee
  15. Jessie Sng
  16. Chelsea Lin Jie Min
  17. Bebe Gi Lee
  18. Jane Lee
  19. Vincent lee
  20. Rella Soh
  21. Monice Cheung
  22. Jeremy Wong
  23. Adelyn Khoo
  24. Priscilla
  25. Tan Yi Jun
  26. Iris Ong
  27. Melody Tan
  28. Li Suling
  29. Alice Ng
  30. Gerald Tan

Drop me an email below with your respective address and information by 16 December 2013, 12 midnight. After consolidation, I will be sending the prizes out by the end of the week 🙂

Don’t forget to stay tuned to my blog / like my blog’s Facebook page / follow me @mitsueki on Twitter & Instagram for the latest updates!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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Hello! I'm mitsueki aka Daphne and I blog at mitsueki.sg! Follow me on IG for more updates too!

9 Comments on “mitsueki’s Blog 1st Year Anniversary + Giveaway!

  1. Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary! ^o^ I’ve actually been following your blog since your Glampuss writing days.
    It’s pretty inspiring to see your before-and-now hits stats – thanks for sharing them. I totally understand your addiction to blog stats, I’m hooked as well! And I’ve even tasted the high of achieving 1k daily hits …. for a grand total of 3 days T_T
    My blog will be coming to 4 months old soon, and I’ve learnt a lot during this short time about planning posts, writing (hopefully) effectively, and taking better pictures (still bad at it >_<). I hope to maintain disciplined regular updates, but your daily update schedule is *seriously* unbeatable! Congratulations again, and hope we can see each other in future Omy.sg events ^^

    1. Oh my gosh, I just realized that I never did reply you previously! Anyway, this is super late but still, thank you very much for the well wishes and of course – following and reading my blog all the way from last year – I really appreciate it!

      Meanwhile, no worries, glad to share the pictures – I myself am shocked at the difference, it’s insane but rather satisfying to see all that hard work for my blog not go to waste! And yes, blog stats…are annoyingly addictive especially in the beginning! I checked like every hour in the past, but now it’s less frequent because to be so hung up on the stats – it can be pretty disappointing when you don’t hit the minimum mark that you want or hit the high daily hits that you are used to 🙁

      Oh and do keep on blogging! The time sure passes by fast when you’re doing so – and along the way, you’ll improve don’t worry! Love your posts on Seoul, I’ll be going Korea next year so your blog is a really good read for me when I do my research hehe! Definitely going to Tom’s Cat Cafe! 😀

      Lastly, lol, *blushes* I just try my best to update daily, nothing special hehe. And yes, hope to see you in one of the blogger events someday! I’m sure there will be an opportunity(:


  2. Hi dear! Hope you still remember me! Glad to see that you have came so far to 1 yr anniversary! All the best for the more anniversaries to come and of course, hope to see you soon! 🙂


    1. Hi Celine,

      Appreciate the well wishes and of course I remember you from the Cornetto event!(: Realized that we might have met again if I had attended the Majolica Marjorca x Ma Cherie event previously but I couldn’t make it that day!

      Meanwhile, didn’t you start blogging about the same time as myself? I see that you’re doing pretty well too!(:

      So yepp, let’s meet again next time (sure there are many opportunities)!

      Cheers ^^

  3. Hi, congrates on your turning One. The past 365 days must be very eventful to you and I would like to wish you endless 365s’ years to come. Greetings.

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