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GIVEAWAY & Review: Tea & Coffee from The Trifoglio Refinery

Begin, Be Bold. Shortcode your Business.

These are the main principles of The Trifoglio Refinery.


The Trifoglio Refinery

We buy , make and (or) sell tea , coffee and other product(s) under our brand and (or) seek to satisfy yours.

To Achieve Sustainable Profitability While Satisfying You 

Delivery & Packaging

I was very fortune to be sponsored a box of exclusive coffee and tea selection from The Trifoglio Refinery courtesy of Alvin. Delivery was a breeze for me as my items came speedily to my house in a couple of days!

This is how the products packaging looks like – white and simple and I think that they look perfect as gifts this Christmas don’t you think so? 😀

Plus I have to say that the tea and coffee names are really unique!(:

Tea-Making Guide

Just for your reference, below is a video guide on making yourself a nice cup of Chinese tea at home featuring the Lapping Sparrow Tea (China Tailored Green).

The Trifoglio Refinery – How to Make Tea (Featuring Lapping Sparrow Tea)

Printed at the back of each box is also a mini guide on the required temperature, boiling time and how much tea leaves (in grams) to put into your teapot. Note that it may differ for each tea.

Tasting Session / The Review

Here’s a disclaimer: I’m not an expert at drinking tea – especially Chinese tea, so pardon any mistakes below!

Anyway, I decided to gather the bf and his brother for a tasting session so that we could all try out the tea together and I could get additional feedback for the review below.

1. Forlorn Hope (Light Roasted Oolong) – S$23.00


I am semi-fermented, integrating the best qualities of green and black tea. Therefore, I can be as refreshing as black tea and also as fragrant as green tea. There are 2 calories in a cup of me. Every cup of me is full of carbohydrates.


I contribute to weight loss. I help combat the ageing of skin. I help prevent heart disease. I help reduce high blood pressure. I may strengthen your teeth.

Our Opinion/Verdict

  • Smell – Light and pleasant smell
  • Taste – Not very strong, milder taste compared to most Chinese teas with a tinge of sweetness. Best of all, there is no strong lingering aftertaste

The bf and I prefer the tea the best out of the 3 because of the milder taste and mainly because of the fact that it can assist in weight loss! Hehe!

Priced at S$23.00, you can purchase Forlorn Hope HERE!


2. Jaded (White Tip Oolong) – S$18.00


I am semi-fermented, integrating the best qualities of green and black tea. Therefore, I can be as refreshing as black tea and also as fragrant as green tea. There are 2 calories in a cup of me. Every cup of me is full of carbohydrates.

Our Opinion/Verdict

  • Smell – Stronger smell than Forlorn Hope (Light Roasted Oolang) & slightly earthy
  • Taste – Richer taste with a stronger aftertaste compared to Forlorn Hope

This is the bf’s brother favourite tea out of all 3 of them because of the stronger and richer taste which he prefers.

Priced at S$18.00, you can purchase Jaded HERE!


3. Lapping Sparrow (China Tailored Green) – S$13.00


I was a green tea until we spent time and effort perfecting ourselves. With a fruit blossom, I am no longer lonely. I may be simple as a blend but yet the fragrance that we emit and the taste that we transpire, speaks for itself. You may not like our taste because I was made for a specific purpose and in particular, for the skill of most.

Our Opinion/Verdict

  • Smell: Strongest smell amongst all 3 teas and smells slightly spicy
  • Taste: Bitter with a strong aftertaste – could be that I boiled it too long and the temperature was slightly over the recommended one.

To our surprise, none of us particularly enjoyed this even though it was technically green tea which the bf and his bro usually like. It’s really an acquired taste that not many might take to.

Priced at S$13.00, you can purchase Lapping Sparrow HERE!


4. Surprise (Selection of Fresh Coffee Beans) – S$10.00


There are 2 calories in a cup of me. Each cup of me contains 17% fat and 83% protein. A cup of me is 1% of a recommended daily intake of 2000 calories.


Unfortunately none of us take coffee so I gifted this bag of coffee to one of my coffee lover friends who gave me a positive feedback on the coffee beans(:

Priced at S$10.00, you can purchase Surprise HERE!


The Verdict & My Thanks

Tea makes a great (and affordable) gift for parents, colleagues and family this Christmas so you may want to consider picking up one from The Trifoglio Refinery HERE. Plus other than the ones that I’ve featured on my blog, there are also other selections of teas and coffees available there too!(:

Lastly, here’s giving my thanks to Alvin from The Trifoglio Refinery!(:


I’m giving THREE lucky readers a chance to pick your preferred selection of tea or coffee choice from The Trifoglio Refinery! This is perfect if you would like to try out the tea selections available or give it as a gift this upcoming Christmas next month!(:

How to Win?

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    Tag 2 or more friends for a higher chance of winning!
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    Select 1 TEA / COFFEE product (non-backorder product) from The Trifoglio Refinery HERE
    Tell me why you would like to win this product!

*Giveaway CLOSES on 22 November 2013, 1159PM
*Open to Singaporeans only

Good luck! ♥

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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