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The Girl and Her Dog by Jeong Woo Jae

Paintings Explore the Bond Between a Girl and Her Giant Dog

Korean artist Jeong Woo Jae paints with such realistic details that, upon quick glance, these oil paintings could be mistaken for photographs. However, the painterly qualities quickly reveal themselves in the form of clean brushstrokes, incredibly vivid color and light, and a disproportionately gigantic dog.

The Girl and Her Dog is the artist’s exploration of the bond between human and animal. He develops each background based off of realistic, yet nondescript, locations, in order to keep the focus on the young girl and her giant dog. As the pair experience everyday moments sitting in the grass or riding on a bus, they seem to provide each other with emotional support that fulfills an innate desire for companionship.

The artist says, “Although outwardly the relationship between pet and owner is one of human superiority, each animal provides its owner with a source of comfort, meeting the basic human need for friendship and affection.

Credits: Jeong Woo Jae & MyModernMet

Amazing oil paintings by the Korean artist, Jeong Woo Jae – are you just as blown away as I am at how realistic they are?(:

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    1. Yep they are oil paintings! Only in some of the paintings do they look extremely realistic while you can see the brush strokes for others. But the dog is beautifully painted, thought it was real!

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