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Neko No Niwa – Singapore’s First Cat Cafe OPENING SOON!

Cats lovers – REJOICE because Singapore is FINALLY going to have our very own CAT CAFE!(:

Singapore’s first cat cafe to open!

If you’re a cat lover who just likes to be surrounded by furry felines when you sip on your latte, then you’ll be happy to know that Singapore will soon see its very first cat cafe.

Situated at Boat Quay, the cat cafe is named Neko no Niwa (Japanese for “cat garden”). No, it’s not quite a cafe where cats can get their brew – although that’s an idea – it’s meant for humans who like cats.

“We have a Japanese name, and we are modelling our cat cafe after Japanese cat cafes. So it will be pretty much like a cafe with cats around you,” said co-owner and self-professed “extreme cat lover” Tan Sue Lynn.

Tan says she and her business partner have identified more than 10 “resident cats” they’d like to have for the cafe, but have not confirmed the exact number.

“They usually need a bit of time to be absolutely comfortable in a new environment, but we are not able to tell how long they need,” she explained. “When you bring a cat home, (they probably) will hide in a dark corner and under the furniture. We want to ensure that our cats are past that stage and ready for visitors.”

Renovations are still on-going at Neko no Niwa, but Tan said she’s hoping to open for business by late November. We’re sure there will be good mews when that happens.

Credits: TODAY Online

Yeah, I’m SO gonna go there once it opens! Meanwhile, just so share some pictures of cat cafes around the world (especially in Japan) so you get how a cat cafe will be like:


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