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Justice for Tammy | 7 Month Old Puppy Put to Sleep

Still remember sweet little Tammy? I wrote about her story in my previous post titled: Tribute to Tammy – The Innocent 7 Month Old Rescued Puppy put to sleep.

You can read her story below:

And I was pretty sad when I read this article: Owner stands by decision to put down innocent puppy Tammy.

Anyway, just so happened that I chanced upon this Facebook page,  梅可 爱绘本 (Facebook) who was giving out these lovely handmade Justice For Tammy Badge by Sean to Tammy’s supporters. Thank you so much for them(:

Just sharing some photos of the lovely badge I received from 梅可 爱绘本 (Facebook):

If you want a badge like this to show your support for Tammy, there are still some limited edition Justice for Tammy badges available HERE. Self collection at National Museum

And best of all, just saw some happy NEWS! Finally some form of JUSTICE for sweet Tammy:

Puppy put down for ‘aggression’: Lawyer MP assisting volunteer


Lawyer and MP Edwin Tong is assisting the animal welfare volunteer involved in the controversial case in which a seven-month-old mongrel was put down by its adopter of four months for alleged aggression.

This comes after Law Minister K. Shanmugam weighed in on the issue last week, saying in a Facebook post on Oct 23 that volunteer and assistant project manager Ada Ong “should get a lawyer to pursue the matter”. He also said he had suggested one to her.

“Minister Shanmugam approached me and asked if I was prepared to assist, and I agreed,” said Mr Tong, who is a partner at law firm Allen and Gledhill and MP of Moulmein-Kallang GRC.

The case first made waves three weeks ago when netizens criticised the adopter, Briton Alison McElwee, for putting down the healthy dog on Oct 7, saying it had bitten her and her children.

Credits: The Straits Times

Isn’t that great news? 😀

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