Blatant Late Minute Search for Giveaway Sponsor(s) for mitsueki’s Blog 1st Year Anniversary!

If you didn’t know, Mitsueki’s Blog is turning 1 on 12th November 2013!
*throws confetti*

To celebrate my 1st year in the blogosphere, I’ve decided to host a giveaway for my lovely blog readers on 12 November 2013, albeit a little last minute. =3=

As a result, I’m looking for any giveaway sponsor(s) for my 1st Year Anniversary giveaway. So if you are interested in sponsoring products or services for my blog giveaway to increase your brand’s exposure to the public eye, let me know!

*Note that it has to be related or suitable for my blog’s audience hence, food/beauty/fashion/lifestyle related products & services are preferred~

Anyways, drop me an email to discuss ya?
Tentatively no plan in mind feel free to let me know your ideas! 😀

Oh oh oh I may be hosting a 12 days of Christmas giveaway in December, lemme know if you would like to sponsor a giveaway in one of the days! ^^

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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2 Comments on “Blatant Late Minute Search for Giveaway Sponsor(s) for mitsueki’s Blog 1st Year Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations! My WP blog started in November, too 🙂 But since I’ve gotten a new domain, I guess it’s been ‘shifted’ to September 2014. ’12 days of Christmas giveaway’? Inspired by Ellen? 😀

    1. hahaha thanks! so surprised that one year has passed by so fast and i cant believe that im still blogging (and not tired of it!) XD
      and lol, 12 days of christmas giveaway is inspired by both Ellen and some other bloggers ;p not sure if it’ll be successful! at the most, ill just giveaway my glampuss stuff lol~

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