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24× | Handmade Happiness

Yay! I’m back with my second advertorial for my favorite handmade fabric tote bag blogshop24×, of which you can read my first advertorial for them previously HERE. So just in case you missed out on my previous advertorial, here’s a recap of what 24×25 is about!(:

About 24×25:

“Happiness is not ready made. Happiness is handmade.”

At 24X25, it’s all about HANDMADE HAPPINESS! While we find joy in what we’re doing, we hope to spread the love & appreciation for handmade goodness & share some happiness with you!

Behind our handmade products are powered by only a pair of hands. We take pride in our products, made from scratch, paying attention to the finest details.

In this world of mass production, we believe that there are people who yearn for the handmade touch. When you’re buying handmade, you’re buying more than just a product – what you’ll get is exclusivity, quality & a whole lot of love!

So why compromise yourself to suit the masses when you can customize & personalize an item, making it one-of-a-kind, made just for you!


Moving on, one of the lovely owners, X kindly sponsored me several items namely, their freshly launched Tinted White Roses Sling bag and one of their gorgeous handmade laptop sleeves – Aye Aye Captain, so let’s take a look at them shall we? Oh and stay tuned for the discount code ^^

Delivery & Arrival of Package

I’ve always given 24×25 a thumbs up for their customer service and as usual, everything was a breeze just like the previous time. My package came speedily and safely within a couple days of them sending it out, and I brought it to my office to snap the following photos (because I couldn’t find the time to do so over the weekend ><)

As you can tell below, everything came neatly packaged in a plastic wrapper sealed with a cute sticker.

The Review

1. Tinted White Roses Sling – S$14.00 Mailed / Additional S$3 for Registered Mail/A.M Mail
*S$12.00 MAILED if you quote my name ‘mitsueki’!*

First up is 24×25‘s newly launched Tinted White Roses Sling handmade made from a gorgeous Japanese cotton rose design. It’s small, pretty compact and it has a sling – nuff said because this makes it easier to tote around, plus I really do like sling bags! 😀

Quote ‘mitsueki‘ to get S$2 off the Tinted White Roses Sling Bag & S$4 off all laptop sleeves!

Here it is unwrapped:

Anyone else loving the lovely Japanese floral prints? And it’s in my favorite colors too! XD

How it looks worn – pardon the grainy photo and the clash of outfits with the bag 🙁

Here’s a better photo stolen off from 24×25‘s website, hehe:

Psst..Remember to quote ‘mitsueki‘ to get S$2 off the Tinted White Roses Sling Bag!

It’s hard to believe that this lovely handmade sling bag is priced at just S$14.00 MAILED or S$12.00 MAILED if you quote my name, mitsueki to get S$2 off! You can get it at 24× HERE!(:


2. Aye Aye Captain – S$42.00 Mailed /  Additional S$3 for Registered Mail/A.M Mail
*S$38.00 MAILED if you quote my name ‘mitsueki’!*

The second item I received is a piece that I had been eyeing ever since 24×25 launched it awhile back then – Aye Aye Captain! Basically, it’s this GORGEOUS laptop sleeve with the prettiest nautical anchor prints lovingly handmade from cotton canvas. So I got it for my Macbook which fitted oh so perfectly into it – oh, and other laptops should be able to fit too, do let them know your laptop size so that they can customize it(:

This piece is really really well made and you honestly can’t tell that it’s handmade because of it’s superb quality. It’s really thick and nicely padded so you can be rest assured that your laptop is safely protected!(:

Also, it comes in two colors – white and navy! For this review, I will be featuring the navy one which I selected ^^

Quote ‘mitsueki‘ to get S$2 off the Tinted White Roses Sling Bag & S$4 off all laptop sleeves!

Here it is unwrapped looking exactly like in the pictures. Simply adore the gorgeous prints!(:

Very nicely and thickly padded/cushioned to protect your laptop and comes with 2 velcro strips to secure your laptop:

This is how it looks carried! Prints overload much? I’m crazy about prints as you can tell from my OOTD HAHAHA! But yeah, I really love the laptop sleeve ♥♥

At the same time, here’s a bonus full picture of my OOTD HAHAHA!

Quote ‘mitsueki‘ to get S$4 off all laptop sleeves!

It’s SUPER WORTH it to get the Aye Aye Captain laptop sleeve to stand out from the crowd at school and at the same time, be super fashionable! You can get it at S$42.00 MAILED or S$38.00 MAILED if you quote my name, mitsueki to get S$4 off! Get it from 24× HERE!(:


And there you have it, my two awesome items kindly sponsored by 24×25! Thank you so much for them and I’m really glad to be able to share 24×25’s gorgeous handmade goodness with my blog readers!(:

Gorgeous aren’t they?(:

Ready to shop and see what else they have for sale?
Check out 24× today!(:

Don’t forget to quote ‘mitsueki‘ to get S$2 off the Tinted White Roses Sling Bag & S$4 off all laptop sleeves!


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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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      and yepp, i really do love their quality – it’s really hard to tell that it’s handmade, they are so beautifully and carefully made!(:

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