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Wth | Old Man Meets Girl From Internet at Hotel, Turns Out to Be Son’s Wife

Spotted on Chinasmack:

Man Meets Girl From Internet at Hotel, Turns Out to Be Son’s Wife

Old man meets online friend at hotel but is stunned upon opening the door– “How could the person who gets a room with me be my son’s wife?”

On the 22nd, an preposterous incident that leaves people uncertain of whether to laugh or cry happened in Muling city [Heilongjiang province]. 57-year-old man Wang had gone online and gotten to know female netizen “寂寞的花草” [literally, “lonely flowers and plants”]. Upon arranging to meet at a hotel, an awkward incident occurred: The female netizen turned out to be his son’s wife [daughter in law].

After Old Wang retired two years ago, he enjoyed going online at home to chat, even giving himself an internet alias of “善解人意” [idiom meaning “good at understanding others”]. Old Wang has a son called “Da Jun” [literally, “big army”] who works throughout the year in long-haul cargo transportation and has over the past 8 years of marriage spent more time away from his wife than with her. Daughter-in-law [Da Jun’s wife] Lili is unemployed and stays at home taking care of the son. Every day after taking the son to school, she is at home chatting online, her internet alias being “Lonely Flowers and Plants”.

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On the night of the 21st, while her son slept, Lili went online and met netizen – 善解人意 “Good At Understanding Others”, and the two of them chatted very congenially [got along very well], all the way until 2am the next morning when Old Wang asked to see what “Lonely Flowers and Plants” looks like. Lili cautiously sent over a photo of her good friend, and when Old Wang saw that the woman in the photo was very beautiful, his desire was aroused.

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Old Wang claimed to be a manager/director of a company, that his wife had only recently passed away two years ago, and that he was single. “Lonely Flowers and Plants” also lied saying her husband had been sentenced to 5 years in prison for getting into a fight with someone and severely injuring the other, that she was living on her own with her child. “Lonely Flowers and Plants” suggested chatting naked with Mr. Wang, but because the video [web cam] wasn’t working, he sent a photo of a friend from back when he was in the military to Lili.

Lili saw “Good at Understanding Others” as natural and unrestrained as well as tall, and was thus very attracted, so arranged to meet him at 6pm sharp in room 403 of a certain Muling city hotel on the 22nd.

In China, an old man arranged to meet an woman he met online at a hotel, only to discover that she is his son's wife.

At that time, because Da Jun had finished delivering his cargo, he rushed home 3 days ahead of schedule from Harbin. His wife wasn’t home and when he called, she said she was at the beauty salon doing her hair. So Da Jun went online, only to discover a problem, that Lili forgot to turn off the computer when she had left, nor did she sign off her QQ [a Chinese instant messaging program], so Da Jun saw the disgustingly romantic chats between his wife and “Good at Understanding Others”, infuriating him.

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However, he wasn’t about to do nothing and wanted to catch his wife and the other netizen red-handed. So, he called Lili and said he had some cargo that he needed to transport to Mishan city and he wouldn’t be back until the afternoon of the next day. Lili didn’t know it was a ruse, so after she had taken her son to her parents’ home in the evening, she went to the appointed hotel. Lili never expected that when she went to meet her netizen friend, Da Jun was already following her in secret.

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Lili went upstairs and knocked only to see before her eyes when the door opened her father-in-law. Old Wang was also dumbfounded, how could it be his son’s wife? Embarrassed and ashamed, Lili turned and ran. It was at that moment that Da Jun appeared having followed her. “This was a misunderstanding!” Without waiting for Old Wang to finish explaining to his son, Da Jun flew into a rage from the humiliation and beat his unfaithful father bloody, his wife also losing 3 teeth from being beaten. “I’m out there working my ass off to earn money, half-dead with fatigue, and all the while you two are messing around!” Seeing a war in the hotel hallway, service staff called the police.

Police from Bamiantong Town Muling City police station took the entire family of three to the station for questioning, chastised the father and daughter-in-law, and Da Jun was detained for 5 days for the assault on his father.

Credits: ChinaSmack

Lol, seriously..what were the odds of THAT actually happening?! HAHAHHA
But it did =.=

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  1. Hahaha. Totally agree. Reading the headline, I thought it was from a drama initially. Anw, thanks for sharing the story 🙂

    1. same here! i was like, omg – this seems like a movie or something but i guess sometimes such cases CAN happen. but the odds are really..really slim!

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