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Woman Knocked Down in Hit & Run by BMW Driver – ‘My Face was Dragged Across the Road’

Yesterday I posted this article: Appeal | Hit & Run Driver Driving Brown/Black BMW 6 Series at Telok Blangah towards Pasir Panjang Road, but what I didn’t realize that it was a woman and her female passenger that was involved in the hit & run. Okay..not sure why, but that makes it worst ;/

The good news is that the hit and run driver has been identified after the appeal as spotted on The New Paper & STOMP today:

Alleged hit-and-run driver identified by Police after online appeal

The Police have stated that a driver is assisting in their investigations into an alleged hit-and-run accident, after the victim issued an online plea to find the culprit.

Her friend, STOMPer Azah, had brought STOMP’s attention to the victim’s original post. The victim, who goes by the username “Dee Huny”, uploaded pictures of their abrasions on Facebook on Sunday and urged witnesses to “please come forward with more information”.

Miss Deena (above) and her pillion rider, Miss Nurul Afiqah, were riding along Telok Blangah Road towards Pasir Panjang Road last Friday, when a black BMW collided with their motorcycle.

She also says that she was hit by the left side of the BMW, which dragged her bike for a few metres. She claims that the car had slowed down at first but then sped off soon after.

‘My face was dragged across road. It was so painful’

After she was dragged, the driver left the accident scene. Said Miss Deena, who is in her late 30s: “I remember the pain when my face was dragged across the road; it was excruciating.”

Fortunately, both women escaped with only deep cuts, bruises and abrasions. TNP understands that the case has been classified as a hit-and-run accident. It is also understood that the BMW driver involved in the accident has been identified and is currently assisting with investigations.

Credits: The New Paper & STOMP

Ouchies! Wishing her a speedy recovery and I hope that the BMW driver will get his/her just desserts! ;/

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