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Food Review | Barbacoa @ City Square Mall

Crystal and I went to the opening tasting party over at dessert.cup Bakery and Coffee Bar located at Somme Road as seen HERE written previously. After that, we decided to walk around for abit before having our dinner. It so happened that the nearest shopping mall was City Square Mall, so we headed there for a nice leisurely walk while window shopping and chatting at the same time.

When the time came for us to have dinner, we were totally spoilt for choice! In the end, we decided to try out this place called Barbacoa Restaurant!

Barbacoa Restaurant
180 Kitchener Road City Square Mall #02-39/40, Singapore, Singapore 208539

**Moving to new location on 25th October 2013:
Barbacoa Restaurant
11 Sin Ming Road #01-30 Thomson V Two


So, this was the main reason why we chose to eat here over Paddington House of Pancakes located just opposite. Well, sweet deals like this hook us in – hook line and sinker as we’re suckers for no GST and service charge AND free soup PLUS dessert, hehe.

And here’s how it looks like on the outside. The decor and everything is nothing special and maybe a little dated but hey, considering the price that you pay – I guess it’s alright.


Here’s the menu for your reference. From the menu, you can create your own salad, pasta and choose from the appetizers and main courses available.

The Food & Drinks

Here’s what we had to share:

1. Ice Lemon Tea – S$2.00

2. Mushroom Soup – Free

Just your typical mushroom soup that I like (lol)

3. Create your own salad (Just Romaine Lettuce & Caesar Dressing) – S$4.50

It was good to share between us, nothing special but just wanted to have some greens with our food(:

4. Create Your Own Pasta (Pasta with Mushroom & Pan Fried Salmon) – S$10.50

I was debating on what to add on to my pasta when I saw this ready made combo of mushroom and pan fried salmon on the menu, so I decided to go for it. I thought it was pretty decent, salmon was seared nicely and the pasta was alright for the price

5. Cheesy Salsa Mushroom Chicken (Boneless Chicken Thigh) – S$10.50

Crystal opted to go for the chicken instead which came with fries and a side of salad. The chicken was fine (the little bite that I had) though the fries were a little not to my liking.

6. Dessert (Ice Cream) – Free

There weren’t a choice of desserts available, it’s basically..if I’m not wrong, green tea ice cream.

We do not like green tea ice cream 🙁

The Verdict

Overall, the food, price and service was decent at Barbacoa Restaurant and we did quite enjoyed ourselves (including the food with the exception of dessert) so all was good(: It’s a relatively popular place and it was pretty crowded when the dinner crowd surged in but no surprise there considering the affordable pricing with no GST & Service charge!(:

Do note that Barbacoa Restaurant will be moving from City Square Mall to 11 Sin Ming Road #01-30 at Thomson V Two with effect of 25th October 2013(:

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