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What? | Foreign workers turn area for burning offerings into barbeque pit at Toa Payoh

Spotted on STOMP:

Foreign workers turn area for burning offerings into barbeque pit at Toa Payoh

Residents of Street 7, Block 1 in Toa Payoh noticed two foreign workers barbecuing meat at an area meant for burning offerings on Saturday afternoon (Oct 19). A reader of Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, Ms Liang, had come across the unusual sight at around 4.20pm.

When reporters arrived at the scene, it was drizzling and the foreign workers had already left, presumably because they did not want their food to get wet. However, the smell of meat hanging in the air and traces of ashes were signs that they had departed the area only awhile ago. They had also left behind charcoal in their hurry to leave.

“This area is a sacred place where people burn offerings on the 1st and 15th of every month on the lunar calendar. It being misused by the foreign workers is disrespectful and they shouldn’t do it,” said Ms Liang.

A 60-year-old resident who lives on the second floor, Mr Tan, says this was the fourth time he had seen foreign workers barbecuing meat in the area in the past one month. Each time, they would be around for 30 to 45 minutes on a weekend.

He added that the smell of meat would always stick to the clothes he was drying in the corridor and to his curtains whenever the wind blew. Some residents also think that the foreign workers might have mistaken the area for a legitimate place to barbeque food, as the actual barbeque pit is currently under construction 10 metres away.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Omg..well, I guess the residents could have done something else..like put a sign up to let the workers know that it isn’t a BBQ pit though;/

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