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VIDEO | Dad Sends Hello Kitty & Bad Piggy Into Outer Space & Films The Entire Trip

Spotted on Sobadsogood.com:

Dad Sends Kids Toys Into Outer Space, Films The Entire Trip

Having casually agreed to his  3 children’s request that he, Nicholas L send their favourite toys into space (Bad Piggy from Angry Birds and Hello Kitty), he spent weeks researching the various tools you’d need to achieve such a feat. In short, it was a massive challenge but driven by his desire to not break a promise to his kids, he set about fulfilling their extraordinary request.

It required weather balloons from the US, an iPhone, a battery, a GPS tracker from Hong Kong and two GoPro cameras and even then Nicholas wasn’t sure it was going to work. But amazingly enough, thanks to his careful planning and attention to detail not only did Bad Piggy & Hello Kitty make it 20,000m above sea level they came back in one piece as well.

Nos jouets dans l’espace (bad piggies et kitty) our toys in space

Finding them on the way back down wasn’t so easy, the high altitude had frozen the GPS tracker so the family had to travel 300km before they were reunited with their extended toy family. You can see the entire journey of Bad Piggy & Hello Kitty above, a true Toy Story if ever we’ve seen one.

Credits: Sobadsogood.com

Super cool dad much? But seriously, this is reallllyyyy amazing! 😀

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