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Owner stands by decision to put down innocent puppy Tammy

Remember the story of Tammy – whose story I shared on my blog: Tribute to Tammy – The Innocent 7 Month Old Rescued Puppy put to sleep HERE? The woman who made the decision to put down poor Tammy just made a statement:

Owner stands by decision to put down dog

A woman who had her seven- month-old mongrel Tammy put down for aggression has defended her decision, claiming the person she got it from did not want to take it back.

Ms Alison McElwee, who was criticised for ignoring the rehomer’s pleas to return it, said in a statement: “The rehomer suggested placing (Tammy) in a long- term boarding home” and “did not want to take (it) back”.

She alleged that Tammy bit her four-year-old daughter and two adults.

Ms McElwee said the “difficult decision” was made after “considering the safety of (her) two young children and the quality of life Tammy would have in a long-term boarding home”. Tammy was put down on Oct 7.

Read Tammy’s Story: Tribute to Tammy – The Innocent 7 Month Old Rescued Puppy put to sleep HERE.

Credits: The Straits Times

The thing is this – so if Tammy did bite her daughter and 2 other adults, where’s the evidence to prove it? Regardless, the owner, Alison McElwee signed an agreement that which it clearly stated that in the event the adopter chooses to give up the dog, the rehomers have to be informed so that they can take our dog back – but she didn’t.

*shakes head*

Your thoughts?

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2 Comments on “Owner stands by decision to put down innocent puppy Tammy

  1. An inhumane decision! Just because the dog is an animal doesn’t mean the owner has the right to end its life. Besides it’s not like it’s very terminally ill then euthanasia is totally understandable. In this case, it’s NOT RIGHT. A mongrel (or any other pet) may be aggressive but there are specialists and experts out there whom we can approach to help tame the animal. If the owner doesn’t even have the right mind to think and be willing to seek help, for goodness sake, she shouldn’t even keep a pet in the first place! I have an aggressive cat who used to hiss, bite and scratch me (and everyone else in the family). It was so bad, we had to buy antiseptic cream to self-treat our wounds but we didn’t throw the cat away. In fact, I’m glad we didn’t because through patience and bonding, Huggy is now an adorable cat who licks away at our legs and snuggles up to us whenever he wants a little tickle! Folks, think twice before you keep a pet. It is a lifelong commitment because a pet should be a part of your family! Not a toy that you can just dump or kill when you no longer likes it! *angry*

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