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DermaVeen GIVEAWAY & REVIEW | Battling Eczema with DermaVeen

Before I start off, let me introduce the Australian skin care brand, DermaVeen:

About DermaVeen

DermaVeen® is a comprehensive skin care range that contains natural colloidal oatmeal that can be used from head to toe for the management of dry and sensitive skin. The DermaVeen® range is non-comedogenic as well as paraben, dyes and fragrance free. DermaVeen® is gentle enough to be used in the youngest of babies and effective enough to benefit adults. DermaVeen® is specially made in Australia.

My Battle With Eczema

If you didn’t know, I’ve been suffering from eczema over the past few years. It’s not uncertain why I suddenly developed it during my poly days, but according to my doctor, it is most likely attributed to environmental factors such as my office (both my current office and my internship office as it’s really dusty), the temperature in Singapore (it gets inflamed when the weather gets very hot) and that my skin is super sensitive!

Eczema is a pretty sucky skin condition and it so happens I have it on both my arms, and more recently, at the back of my left leg. It’s an ugly skin condition so as much as I can, I do try to hide it by wearing long sleeves and jackets to hide my arms while the one at the back of my leg is plastered (to make sure I get the cream on as well). So if you do see my big white plaster at the back of my leg, or me wearing jackets all time – it would be best for you to not ask about it (‘what happened to your leg?’ is the most irritating question ever) as I’m quite sensitive about this issue.

As an eczema sufferer, one of the most basic things that you have to do is to keep moisturizing the affected skin area and drink loads of water to try to combat the inflammation, and most importantly – the itch. But’s really, really difficult to control the itch sometimes.

Unfortunately, there is also no cure for eczema as it’s a recurring skin condition that stays with you forever. Since then, I’ve been trying out quite a number of moisturizers as I try not to touch tropical steroid creams given to me by the dermatologists and doctors because of the side effects and I I don’t want to rely on them forever. But of course, sometimes mine gets so inflamed that sometimes, I do have to use a dap to bring it down. So yes, the cream is very effective but only use it when you have a really bad episode.

I did mention about my condition as well as the moisturizing cream that I use in one of my blog posts and one of my blog readers had recommended me to use this brand called, DermaVeen. Then, it so happened that I recently was given an opportunity to try out DermaVeen for myself when I was sponsored a box of DermaVeen products(:

Here’s what I received from DermaVeen Singapore:


My Review

1. DermaVeen® Soap Free Wash – S$19.75
• A gentle, soap-free everyday cleanser for dry and sensitive skin conditions.
• Formulated at pH5.5 to restore the normal pH of skin.
• Helps to maintain an intact and well-functioning skin barrier for face, hands and body

Most of my doctors recommend that I use a soap free body wash instead of ordinary bath foams as it’s better for people with eczema and I have to say the DermaVeen soap free wash is one of the best I’ve used. That’s because in general, I don’t really like to use soap free body wash because for some brands, there is no lather and you don’t really feel clean after using it.But DermaVeen is actually able to work out abit of a lather and so, I feel better using it.

Best of all, it’s pH balanced and free from lanolin, parabens, dyes and fragrances commonly found in most soaps that is bad for my skin condition.

2. DermaVeen® Moisturizing Lotion – S$18.65
• A light formulation which is pleasant to use and gently soothes, protects and hydrates the skin.
• Non-comedogenic formula ensures pores are not clogged and is ideal for use on face and body.

After showering, I will generally apply the DermaVeen moisturizing lotion as it’s best used after a shower to keep your skin as moisturized as possible. Lol, am quite generous with lathering the lotion all over my arms and the back of the leg but actually a small bit will do. After that, my skin will feel really moisturized and hydrated for quite some time(:

When my ecemza flares up, sometimes I might opt to apply the moisturizing lotion while others (if I’m on the go), I’ll prefer to use the moisturizing cream instead. So it really depends on what you prefer really.

3. DermaVeen® Moisturizing Cream – S$14.90
• A unique formulation that gently soothes, protects and hydrates the skin.
• Non-comedogenic formula ensures pores are not clogged and is ideal for use on face and body.

To be honest, I don’t really see a difference between the functions of the moisturizing cream and lotion except that you can use the latter on your face (I don’t though). The texture of the moisturizing cream is a little bit different from the moisturizing lotion as well, and I quite prefer the latter instead. Still, because this one comes in a tube, it’s easier for me to tote it around in my bag. So yeah, I generally use this when I’m on the go and/or when it gets freaking itchy or when it just flares up randomly. You just take it out, squeeze a dollop and rub onto the affected areas. Generally, for both the cream/lotion – it’s able to calm it down and it’s pretty soothing.

4. DermaVeen® Everyday Intensive Hand Cream – S$19.95
• A cosmetically pleasant moisturizer which does not leave a greasy residue for dry, chapped hands , split cuticles and finger tips.
• Gentle formula , helps repair and protect dry, chapped hands and split cuticles without clogging pores.

I don’t have a use for hand cream so I gave this to my mom for her dry hands and she told me that it’s pretty useful and she likes the smell of the cream.

5. DermaVeen® Oatmeal Hair Conditioner – S$16.45
• A unique formulation for everyday use to solve the problems of a dry and sensitive scalp.
• Complements the DermaVeen® range and provides relief where there is scalp involvement.
• Gentle on coloured or permed hair.

It’s a great complement to the DermaVeen oatmeal shampoo(:

DermaVeen® Oatmeal Shampoo – S$17.60
• A gentle soap-free shampoo that is also gentle on coloured or permed hair.
• Soap-free formula will not dry out skin during wash-off.
• Ideal for everyday use on dry and sensitive scalp.

Am currently using the shampoo and so far, I’m pretty happy with it especially because it’s a soap free shampoo. That’s important so the shampoo/conditioning run-off during wash-off will not strip my skin of essential oils. Plus the smell is really pretty nice(:


The Verdict

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the range of DermaVeen products that I’ve used so far!

However, do note that NOT ALL eczema sufferers will find DermaVeen effective as it varies from users to users. Usually I tend to just buy a bottle or tube of moisturizers from different brands to test it out on my skin to see if it works. If it doesn’t, just try a different brand till you are able to find one that is relatively effective(:

Lastly, DermaVeen is is available at all Unity outlets but only available at selected Guardian and Watsons outlets.


[DermaVeen GIVEAWAY]

I’m giving away THREE sets of DermaVeen gift bags (worth S$100) to THREE lucky readers containing the following items:

  • DermaVeen Soap Free Wash pH 5.5 250ml  ( $19.75 each  )
  • DermaVeen Moisturizing Lotion 250ml  ( $18.65 each )
  • DermaVeen Moisturizing Cream 100g  ($14.90 each)
  • DermaVeen Everyday Intensive Hand Cream 100g  ( $19.95 each)
  • DermaVeen Oatmeal Shampoo 250ml  ( $17.60 each )
  • DermaVeen Oatmeal Conditioner 250ml  ( $16.45 each)

How to Win?

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Giveaway closes: 31 October 2013, 1159PM


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