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VIDEO | Boarding Bus 190: Mission Impossible

Spotted being shared amongst many of my friends is this video uploaded by a Youtube user: Galaxnite

Boarding Bus 190: Mission Impossible

Photo Credits: Businterchange.net

For Choa Chu Kang residents in Singapore, Bus 190 is among the most popular and most crowded bus due to it’s direct route to downtown. Likewise, bus 190 is perhaps the only direct bus to Choa Chu Kang. Those who are regular passengers are familar with the everyday nightmare of boarding bus 190 only to find it overcrowded.

On Friday 4 Oct 13, 9.30pm, I (Galaxnite) was unable to board the first three 190 buses from the final leg of downtown at Scotts Road outside Thong Teck building., so I decided to film how many more 190 buses I would be unable to board….

Bus 190: Mission Impossible

At the end of the I (Galaxnite) had to skip bus 190 for 13 times before being finally able to board it at the 14th bus1 hr 40 mins later on Friday, 4 Oct.

*To those asking why not I take an alternative mode of transport & yadda dadada, here are my reasons:

The purpose of the video is not just about me per se. It’s to show how inconvenient it is to take the bus of your choice. 

If I were to go off like that (which I could), would any of you even know this incident is a common affair? Would anyone understand what it was like for the commuters who stuck through with me (esp. the Aunty in orange t-shirt) to know how frustrating this is?

Bus 190 has long been a problematic, crowded bus and it’s time this has to be addressed (long overdue). This also applies to many other buses in Singapore that take the popular routes.

Also, consider those who are disabled, the elderly and those with children. Switching buses or MRT stations can be an inconvenience for these ppl, sometimes very impossible. With a direct bus to their homes (most commuters at this bus stop live in CCK and Bukit Panjang), it’s a regular choice they make. Can you imagine how much an agony this is for them to go through daily?

Did I wave for a taxi during that time? Oh yes, I did indeed (not shown in video as focus was on the bus instead), and that wasn’t easy since many of them had the ‘Busy’ sign on (it’s a Friday after all).

Crumbling are the days in Singapore where taking transport is a straight-forward routine.

Credits: (Galaxnite), Youtube

My Gawd, that looks pretty bad!

Can you imagine waiting for 13 BUSES before being able to board it after 1hr 40mins? I would be so frigging frustrated (waiting 25 mins for my bus already makes me a screaming, frustrated mess) But of course, reality speaking – most people would just head to the MRT instead, but this guy stayed on to film his ‘waiting time’ to show how BAD it was. Lol, he must be quite free to do though XD

Still, the video makes a great point and hopefully something can be done about it ;/ Oh..can you imagine how buses will be like in the future once we hit the 6.9m mark?

Don’t even want to think about it D:

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  1. I’m just flabbergasted by the number of people who squeezed in the bus through the back doors without paying. Perhaps out of desperation? Or trying to get free bus rides home? Anyway, I think it’s quite a waste of time waiting for this bus when he could have travelled on an alternative route and probably got home earlier to enjoy his Friday night. tsk tsk tsk….

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