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The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar | A restaurant on the rock inside the Indian ocean in Zanzibar

Spotted on The Daily Mail is this GORGEOUS restaurant which is so going on my bucket list(:

Come dine at sea: The restaurant perched on a Zanzibar rock with breathtaking views of Indian Ocean

  • Opened last year, the Rock Restaurant seats 45 diners at a time 
  • Diners provided with boats back to shore from at high tide
  • Restaurant offers both indoor dining and outdoor seating over the sea

At the suitably-named Rock Restaurant, diners are provided with more than just fresh fish caught from the Indian Ocean below. Breathtaking views and fresh sea air also greet visitors who come to this restaurant, in Zanzibar, East Africa.

The Rock, which opened last year, can be reached on foot, but at high tide diners need to be transported back to the mainland by boat.

Providing inside dining and outdoor seating, it has proved a popular venue since its opening. Restaurant partner Nigel Firman, 47, said: ‘The Rock Restaurant is a magical place and is an experience you are never likely to forget.’

He added: ‘If visitors come to the restaurant while the sea is low, they are able to walk to the rock with no problem. But as they usually stay late on into the evening when the sea is high around the rock, we provide a boat service which travels to and from the shore.’

The Rock Restaurant

Most of the restaurant’s food is caught from the Indian Ocean surrounding it

Rock Restaurant employees searching for the day’s supply of fresh fish

The restaurant is 7m high, allowing for water to rise 4.5m up the side of the rock

Serving mainly seafood caught from the Indian Ocean that surrounds the rock, the restaurant also provides an outside area for visitors to enjoy the magical views.

‘Anyone that visits our restaurant are at first speechless, or all they can say is “wow”,’ said Mr Firman. From when I first saw the rock I knew it would make the perfect restaurant.’

The restaurant, which opens for lunch and dinner, seats 45 people and is 7m high, allowing the water around it to rise 4.5m up the rock.

Diner Sarah Foote, 37, said: ‘We drove over one hour to have lunch at this truly unique restaurant’. The view is amazing, the location is amazing, the whole restaurant was outstanding, it is a very magical experience all round.’

Come on up to The Rock Restaurant Zanibar(:

Credits: The Daily Mail UK

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