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VIDEO | Rats Discovered Under Business Class Seat Of Aircraft In Hong Kong

Spotted on Elitedaily:

Rats On A Plane!! Authorities Discover 10 Rats Under Business Class Seat Of Aircraft In Hong Kong (Video)

Chinese health inspectors found ten newborn rats living under a seat in the business class cabin of a Hong Kong aircraft during a routine inspection on September 30.


Rats found under business class seat on Hong Kong plane

According to the Global Times, authorities believe the majority of the rats were born aboard the aircraft during the plane’s trips to multiple overseas destinations over the past two weeks. The newborns’ mother was found nearby the nest the next day.

While the inspectors said this is the most rats they have ever found on an inbound plane, the rodents left no viruses and did not nibble through any wires. Still, the plane was fully-sanitized for safety precautions.

Credits: Elitedaily

Ugh..that’s really gross and rats carry LOADS of bacteria!! Can’t believe they were found under a business class seat!

Wonder which airline carrier was this – just realized it wasn’t revealed, lol.

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