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The Messiah hacks into PCF Website

Spotted on STOMP:

2 attacks on childcare centres in 1 day: First obscene graffiti, then PCF website hacked

The PAP Community Foundation website has been hacked by the group of hackers calling themselves ‘The Messiah’.  STOMP was alerted to the defaced website by STOMPer Jim Jones, who provided a link to the site and a screengrab.

This is the second case of vandalism targeted at childcare centres today, the first being a case of obscene graffiti: ‘No use education’ scrawled on the wall at Sweetlands Childcare Centre in Woodlands.

Thus far, there is nothing to indicate that the two attacks were linked, and it could well be a coincidence that both acts happened on the same day.

The Messiah had also previously targeted the personal website of singer Sun Ho, wife of City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

So yeah, just sharing! Feel free to leave your thoughts about what you think of The Messiah and their works D:

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