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Interesting! | What your choice of movie seat says about you

Spotted on STOMP:

What your choice of movie seat says about you

Choosing a movie seat might not seem like a significant gesture, but it is apparently an indication of your personality.

According to Matome and RocketNews24, Japanese psychologist Hiromi Mizuki believes an individual’s personality affects their choice of seat at the movie theatre.

To illustrate her theories, Mizuki has divided a movie theatre into six sections.

These are her findings.

Section A: Center of the theatre, screen directly in front
Mizuki’s analysis: As the screen is easiest to see from this location, people who choose these seats are confident and decisive. This kind of person goes after the things he wants, and likes to be directly involved with important situations.

Section B: Back of the theatre, screen directly in front
Mizuki’s analysis: As these seats provide a wide view of the entire theatre, people who find a sense of security in being well-informed tend to congregate here. However, they are also somewhat timid and afraid of being influenced by others, so they subconsciously remove themselves from the center of the action.

Section C: Front rows, screen directly in front
Mizuki’s analysis: Because sitting here means your entire field of vision is filled with the screen, people who choose these seats have a desire to be constantly connected with others.

Section D: Middle rows, off-center
Mizuki’s analysis: People in these sections can maintain a moderate distance from the screen and are near the aisles, which gives them the personal space they crave. They gravitate towards people whom they can feel relaxed and comfortable around.

Section E: Back corners
Mizuki’s analysis: These are the seats where you’ll be least noticed by other people in the theatre. Moviegoers drawn to these seats want to know everything that’s going on, but don’t have the self-confidence to take on the extra responsibilities that come with being directly involved.

Section F: Front corners
Mizuki’s analysis: These seats offer the worst view of the screen, even though they’re the same price as any others in the theatre. People who choose to sit in this section accept inconveniences, and may be taken advantage of.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Interesting theory and I find myself falling between the D / B / E section though.
What about you? D:

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6 Comments on “Interesting! | What your choice of movie seat says about you

  1. I’m in Section E most of the time and would pick the innermost seat next to the wall because the wall offers me great security (and comfort) especially when watching horror movies! And it’s so private, I don’t have to be embarassed if I scream! =p

    1. hahaha! and it’s good for secret hugs too right? ;x
      i like sitting by the aisle to most at the back B & E so it’s easier to get out. i have a weeeaaakkk bladder lol!

    1. oh gooshhh i didnt watch any of the HP movies in the movie theatres, so bought the whole set after that and watched it at home (again and again, and again!!)

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