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Food Review | Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen

The only reason why I would make a special visit to Citylink Mall after work is to fix my salad craving at Saladstop!. It so happened that that day, they actually RAN out of caesar salad dressing (oh the horror!) and we were left scrambling to look for another place to dine at.

Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen
1 Raffles Link Citylink Mall #B1-21 Singapore 039393


The Place

Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen is located just next to Sushi Express (read my review HERE), and it’s pretty easy to find. Layout is pretty simple but I didn’t really take many photos of the place as I was pretty hungry by then.

Oh bf, please stop gaming on your phone =.=


The Menu

As always, here’s the menu below for your reference. They have quite a varied menu and the photos all made the food look so freaking appetizing! 😀


The Food & Drinks

1. Pearl Milk Tea – S$2.80

The bf loves teh peng (iced milk tea) and the pearl milk tea was the closest he could get to it. According to him, it wasn’t that fantastic – like how can it compare to Gong Cha and Koi right? ;x

2. Spring Roll – S$4.90

In my opinion, it’s quite hard to go wrong with spring roll and this one was just fine by us as we gobbled them down within minutes while waiting for the rest of the food to arrive. Lol

3. Signature Beef Fried Rice – S$9.90

The bf is also a fan of fried rice so it was a pretty straightforward decision for him to order a plate of it. He selected the signature beef fried rice just because it was the ‘signature’ dish and it was pretty alright considering that he wolfed it down within seconds.

4. Chopsticks Fried Rice – S$9.90

I was debating between noodles and fried rice but the picture of the chopsticks fried rice looked awfully tempting. Oh, and mine is a special order without spring onions so that’s why it looks so plain. I’m a pretty fussy eater – hehe. Anyway, mine is basically golden fried rice with prawns and chinese sausage. Thought it was pretty good though the price tag is a little hefty for it.

5. Egg Tarts (S$2.80 for 2 pieces)

Lol, we kinda polished off the Portuguese egg tarts before I remembered to take a photo of it. Hehe, but they were pretty good – tastes exactly like those in KFC actually.

Photo for illustration purposes


The Verdict

In total, we spent about S$35.66 which works out to be about S$18.00 per person for our meal at Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen. Thought it was a tad pricey for the fried rice but at least we had a good meal in general(:

Oh and just realized that it was a day before my birthday hehe.

Well, if you’re ever in the vicinity and hankering for some Chinese food, you can drop by Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen to try if you’d like. Oh and I think that The Asian Kitchen signature roast pork looks really good!(:

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