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ShareKool | Singapore’s 1st Mobile Affiliate App

Right after attending the Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2013 (read about it HERE) yesterday night, the bf and I headed down to the ShareKool pre-launch event held at the Singapore MINT Museum.


So just to share with you about ShareKool:

ShareKool is an upcoming mobile affiliate application and with it, you can participate in interactive sharing of goods and services between individuals.
  • Utilize your social influence to make money.
    (My neighbour is paying $30 for someone to walk her dog? Sign me up!)
  • Trade items you no longer need, and get something you want from another user.
    (Trade your old bicycle for a guitar, no cost involved!
  • Take part in special promotions & discounts from businesses and merchant tie-ups.
  • Earn points within the app and exchange it for cash, to as much as $20,000!

More details as seen here:

As you can tell, we were running a little late for the event so all the seats were taken up then 🙁

Throughout the presentation, we were guided by the lovely people of ShareKool through the installation process and basic details about the interesting app.

Oh, and we had a very nice buffet dinner too, hehe.

Anyway, right now, ShareKool is still in the beginning/beta stages but there will be loads of updates to rolled out at a later date but I can tell that it’s off to a good start!(:

Ooo, but I just wanted to share with you the benefits of signing up with ShareKool because they are giving away an iPad Mini as well as 100 sets of S$10 Capital Land vouchers weekly from 12 October – 30 December 2013!(:

How to Win?

>> Click HERE to register at ShareKool! <<
>> Click HERE to register at ShareKool! <<
>> Click HERE to register at ShareKool! <<

Lastly, would like to thank the lovely people of ShareKool and Nicole from Streetdirectory for inviting me to the event(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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