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WTF! | Chinese man hacks off own leg with saw, fruit knife and backscratcher

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

Chinese man hacks off his own infected leg with a saw and a back-scratcher – because he could not afford hospital bills

  • Zheng Yanliang was suffering from massive arterial thrombosis
  • Mr Yanliang took the drastic step after pain became too much to bear
  • Luckily, the thrombosis stopped him bleeding too much

A man hacked off his own leg using only a metal saw, a small fruit knife and a back scratcher wrapped with a towel because he couldn’t afford hospital bills. 


According to Shanghaiist.com, Zheng Yanliang, 47, from Boading city, China, began to experience bouts of pain in his abdomen that traveled to both of his legs. He was diagnosed with massive arterial thrombosis in both legs.

As the pain worsened, he decided to take the gruesome step of removing the infected limb himself to avoid the expensive hospital bill.

He said: ‘Sometimes the pain was so intense I would pass out, then after three months when it was really bad, they told me that an infection had set in, that I had gangrene, and that I might lose the limb. Ideally I needed it to be operated on, but I could not afford it. They just gave me medication. They sent me home to die.’

One night, after his wife had gone to bed, Mr Yanliang found a fruit knife, a metal saw and a towel-wrapped back scratcher and began amputating his own leg.


He said: ‘I had a wooden back scratcher, I wrapped a towel around it, and bit on it so I did not scream and wake my wife, then I used the knife to slice the skin and pull it back so I could see the bone. Then I used the saw to slice through the bone after putting a belt around the leg to stop the blood flow.’ I did not want to distress my wife, but I had to wake her when the hacksaw blade broke.’ More than 20 minutes later, his wife awoke and found him with his right leg amputated.
Her husband’s right leg had been sawed off about 15 centimeters from the hip, and the metal saw used for the amputation had snapped into two from the excessive force, and on the table were 4 molars that had been bitten off. Fortunately, because of the thrombosis, there wasn’t much blood during the amputation.

The operation saved his life, but now the open wound that still shows a stump of bone has led to a fresh infection, this time in his left leg. Doctors say he will not be able to save his remaining foot – and he needs an operation if he is not to lose the entire left leg.

As Zheng’s condition worsens, Zheng’s wife, who suffers from diabetes and heart disease, is forced to tend to the farm on her own. The family’s only financial support comes from their 17-year-old daughter, who dropped out of school to take a job.

Mr Yanliang is now asking his community to help pay for an artificial limb, so that he can carry on with his life and take care of his family.

Credits: The Daily Mail UK

UGHHH, just reading the details of the story made me slightly sick! But oh gosh, the poor guy must have suffered so much. Feel so bad for him..hopefully his community will be able to raise funds for him to go for the much needed operation to save the other leg. Best of luck to this guy!

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