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VIDEO | Man gets out of car and shouts at McDonald’s drive-through staff until he gets his food

Spotted on STOMP:

Man gets out of car and shouts at McDonald’s drive-through staff until he gets his food

STOMPer Shaun was waiting in line at a McDonald’s drive-though at Sengkang when a Chinese National got out of the car in front and started shouting at staff. 

Shaun found the man’s behavior both hilarious and obnoxious, and wrote:

Video of a rude, impatient and obnoxious drive-through PRC customer. This incident happened today at the Sengkang Anchorvale Community Centre McDonald’s drive-through.

Man At Sengkang Mac drivethrough singapore (Part 1)

“The driver in front of me got impatient, got out of his car, and shouted at the McDonald’s staff in broken English. From the video, he appears to be shouting, “Yeah my big breakfast. It’s taking very long.” When a McDonald’s employee come out and tries to appease the man, he shouts, “Filet-o-fish no more, breakfast no more.”

“He started gesturing and walking around aggressively, then he decided to barge through the door into the kitchen and I heard he shouted ‘WHERE IS MY BREAKFAST!’ behind the closed door.

Man At SengkangMacdrivethrough2 (Part 2)

“This man has absolutely no culture at all. It was hilarious and obnoxious. He then tried to barged into the McDonald’s kitchen, showing his unhappiness and impatience.”

Credits: STOMP Singapore and MASERATI GHIBLI (Youtube)

Gosh, can’t he have a little bit of patience? *shakes head*

Lol, and I don’t know why, but this reminded me of the Mcnuggets incident in the US where this crazy woman went ballistic when Mcdonalds didn’t have her nuggets. You can watch this hilarious video here:


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