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mitsueki Travels | 3D2N Genting Highlands August 2013 – DAY 3

It had been two fun filled days and on the third day, it was unfortunately time for us to leave Genting and head back home to Singapore (and back to work *groans*).

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Saying our good byes to our hotel room, though it was a small and rather sad room with a tiny tv, but at least the bed was pretty comfy and the shower was decent! For more photos of the room, refer to my previous post HERE!

289-IMG_5991 290-IMG_5992 291-IMG_5993

Before we left, we wanted to end off with a good meal! The choices were the Coffee Terrace and Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant at First World Plaza. Lol, obvious the latter won out in the end because buffets are aplenty in Singapore anyway.

309-IMG_6012301-IMG_6003294-IMG_5996 295-IMG_5997

Dim sum is available over the weekend and we just ordered our fill!

With a choice of a abalone set meal vs dim sum, the latter again won out mainly because I felt that it would be more worth it to eat that. Technically, this was also one of my birthday treats HAHA!

Here’s a glimpse of what we had:

1. BBQ Pork Chee Cheong Fan (Steamed Rice Roll)

2. Crispy Roast Pork Belly

3. Mini Egg Tarts

4. Century Egg Porridge

5. Fluffy BBQ Char Siew Bun

6. Prawn Dumpling (Har Gao)

7. Bird’s Nest Egg Tart

8. Steamed Dumpling stuffed with Shark’s Fin

9. Shark’s Fin Dumpling

296-IMG_5998 297-IMG_5999 298-IMG_6000 299-IMG_6001302-IMG_6004 303-IMG_6005 304-IMG_6006 305-IMG_6007 306-IMG_6008 307-IMG_6009 308-IMG_6010

Special mention to the chilli there, I’m not sure what type it is (the black one on the left) but it was fantastic!


In total, we spent about MYR 172 (S$68.00) for two of us which works out to be S$34 per person. Pretty cheap actually considering the amount and quality of food that we consumed. Would definitely be at least double or triple the price in Singapore!


Knowing that I wouldn’t be back at Genting Highlands for the next 3 to 4 years, decided to take more photos of the place for memory’s sake. So yes, I’ll only be back once the new Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park opens in 2016 as mentioned HERE since the outdoor theme park has been closed down since 1 September 2013.

312-IMG_6015 313-IMG_6016 314-IMG_6017 315-IMG_6018 316-IMG_6019 317-IMG_6020 318-IMG_6021 319-IMG_6022 320-IMG_6023 321-IMG_6024 322-IMG_6025 323-IMG_6026 324-IMG_6027 325-IMG_6028 326-IMG_6029 327-IMG_6030 328-IMG_6031 329-IMG_6032 330-IMG_6033 331-IMG_6034 332-IMG_6035 333-IMG_6036 334-IMG_6037 335-IMG_6038

When all the phototaking was done, it was time for us to head back down to the Genting bus terminal to get our bus tickets. So if you were wondering, we booked Grassland Express(: Oh have to say this – if you’re waiting for your coach, DON’T wait at the rainbow area of the bus terminal area as seen below. It’s REALLY, REALLY hot!

336-IMG_6039 337-IMG_6040

Walk down this aisle area here and it gets cooler again(:


Our premium luxury coach which we had to fork out extra for =.=

Preferred the first bus that we came on instead of this one, but well. So the bus trip down was thankfully very uneventful. I was closing my eyes and praying on the way down because seriously,the bus driver was speeding down like the wind. Thank God the brakes were working! T__T

339-IMG_6042  341-IMG_6044

Once more, we stopped at Yong Peng and we picked up some souvenirs for home. After a long bus journey, we finally reached Golden Mile and grabbed a cab home.

At the end of it all, this was what we had from the trip:

Souvenirs and Food for the family, colleagues and friends


Printed Photos Memos of our time in Genting

344-IMG_6119 345-IMG_6120 346-IMG_6121

This one is especially significant because it was my first 360 degree rollercoaster that I took. You can read about it HERE. And if you were wondering, I’m never going on that EVER!!! T_T

347-IMG_6122 348-IMG_6123 349-IMG_6124 350-IMG_6125 351-IMG_6126 352-IMG_6127 353-IMG_6128

And of course, the hundreds of photos that I took on the trip, this blog post and the memories of this trip will forever stay with me(:

Looking forward to my next short getaway to Batam in October (postponed!) November 2013 ^^

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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