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Cafehopping | L’etoile Cafe @ Owen Road

This is as usual, one of those long overdue posts back in August. Technically I wrote about part 1 here, but I just never got the time to doing part 2 till today, hehe.

>> Read Part 1: Cats of The World Photo Exhibition x Saturday Purrzaar Market 2013 <<
>> Read Part 1: Cats of The World Photo Exhibition x Saturday Purrzaar Market 2013 <<
>> Read Part 1: Cats of The World Photo Exhibition x Saturday Purrzaar Market 2013 <<

Moving on and back to where I stopped at..basically after checking out the Cats of The World Photo Exhibition x Saturday Purrzaar Market, the bf, Crystal and I headed down to L’etoile Cafe over at Owen Road for lunch(:

L’etoile Cafe
160 Owen Road, Singapore, Singapore 218953


Exterior & Interior

L’etoile Cafe is pretty looking cafe located at a refurbished shophouse on Owen Road. Pretty hard to miss when you’re driving by the area(:

Here’s the main counter of the place at level one selling all sorts of yummy looking pastries and cakes:

At a little corner at level one, there is also a section where they have some pretty handmade goods for sale as seen below:

It was probably about 3.30pm – 4pm when we reached L’etoile Cafe and let me tell you – it was so, so crowded! There are two levels to this cafe, but the second level was fully occupied by then. The first level was as well, but we managed to snag a seat for four after a long wait.

Due to that, I didn’t manage to take many photos of the interior, so let’s focus on the food instead yeah?(:



This is L’etoile Cafe’s standard menu which is cutely hand written as seen below. The menu is relatively varied ranging from all day breakfast to pastas and even asian food(:

The drinks menu:


The Food & Drinks

I was looking forward to our meal as I had a really high expectation of L’etoile Cafe based on the numerous numbers of good reviews from food bloggers and all alike, so let’s start the taste test!

1. Iced Mocha & Iced Chocolate – S$5.90 & S$5.50 respectively

Crystal ordered the iced mocha while the bf and I shared the iced chocolate. The iced mocha was fine while I thought that the iced chocolate was a tad too water downed for my taste.

2. Soup of the day: Mushroom Soup – S$7.00

Having heard that the soup of the day was mushroom soup, it was almost my immediate reflex to order it. It was pretty decent with loads of generous bits of mushrooms as seen below.

3. Truffle Fries – S$12.00

This is definitely the most expensive fries I’ve eaten in a cafe before, so luckily we were sharing! Hehe. Have to say that it was kinda worth the price due to the huge serving. Fries were nice and crispy but I think I prefer the one at The Tuckshop instead.

4. Big Breakfast – S$14.90

The big breakfast comes with toast, potato wedges, mushrooms, bacon, sausages, eggs of his choice and greens on the side. However, to the bf – the big breakfast wasn’t very big, nor filling enough. I tried it and it wasn’t too impressive either.

5. Aglio Olio with Bacon – S$14.90

Crystal went with a pasta dish of aglio olio with bacon with is basically spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, chilli peppers and pan fried bacon. She wasn’t a big fan of it though she finished everything, I also tried it and well, I’ll pass on the comment.

6. Eggs Benedict – S$12.90

My food came last and after trying out Crystal’s and my bf’s food, I was prepared to not really be happy with the eggs benny. Luckily it was alright but I prefer the eggs benny over at Chock Full of Beans.

7. Double Chocolate Chiffon Cake – S$5.90

Thank God..because dessert saved the day! We snagged the last piece of the Double Chocolate Chiffon Cake which looked amazing and to our surprise – it tasted even better than we thought it would! Nice, soft, moist, mm, we were in love with this cake!(:


The Verdict

In total, we paid a whooping S$86.90 for our cafehopping trip to L’etoile Cafe which works out to be around S$29 per person.

Was not worth it at all in our opinion and to be honest, we left feeling stuffed, but not very satisfied with everything we ate. Like..the only saving grace was that chocolate cake for dessert.

Maybe they were having a bad day on the day we went, I’m not sure why our experience at L’etoile Cafe was pretty negative in comparison to the excellent reviews out there. But well… ;/

I may come back to L’etoile Cafe if I’m in the vicinity but I will most likely only order a dessert and nothing else. Besides, it’s too crowded on weekends!

Ah well, moving on then to the next cafehopping review coming up soon!(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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