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VIDEO | Who is Right – The Cyclist or The Driver?

Spotted on Youtube and being shared on my friends’ Facebook walls is this video. There is a huge debate going on on who is right and who is wrong.

Who is Right – The Cyclist or The Driver?

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Cyclist breaks all traffic rules, stops traffic near Vivocity

Cyclist first beats the red light at a traffic junction. He then road hogs on the right-most lane of a busy road, without any intention to turn right. Cyclist rides unpredictably on the dotted road line, moving left and right on the line and suddenly cuts into lane of vehicle at 0:48, causing me to jam my brakes and honk. The rest of the video speaks for itself.

In-car video was taken on 8 October, approximately 7pm. Happened at the traffic junction turning into Vivocity Carpark.

Cyclist apprently breaks 3 traffic rules in this video:
1. Beating the red light (0:16)
2. Travelling on right-most lane without any intention to turn right (throughout video)
3. Stopping in the middle of the road twice, asking for a fight. (0:53and 1:56)

Credits: Alex Tae

The video content is arguable for both sides but many are saying that without the audio, or the other side of the story from the other involved party, it’s not possible to draw a concrete conclusion with a one sided video yet.

What do you think?

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