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Shocking! | Baby Boy’s Hand Allegedly Scalded by Hot Water at Child Care resulting in second degree burns


Spotted on The New Paper:

Baby scalded in childcare centre

Her husband had just dropped their six-month-old son, Nick (above), at the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) childcare centre in Jurong West, last Wednesday.

Twenty minutes later they received a call from the centre saying that they had to come and take their child who had just been scalded by coffee, said Mrs Pang, a freelance hair stylist.

Nick suffered second-degree burns and also had a fever of 38.1 deg C.

In a statement to media, PCF said that the carer was clearly negligent in carrying out her duties and that appropriate disciplinary action would be taken against her.

Credits:The New paper

This made it to MyPaper this morning:


According to MyPaper:

Investigations carried out by PCF revealed that a female “infant educarer” had placed a cup of coffee on the floor to raise the window blinds. Just then, the baby carried at the centre. She placed the boy on the floor and went to put away his things. The accident happened during the time that she was away.

So what exactly happened is that I had spotted this set of shocking photos being shared around my Facebook:

9 Month Old Baby Boy’s Hand Allegedly Scalded by Hot Water at Child Care resulting in second degree burns

Taken from Wendy Foo’s Facebook:

My friend’s (Wendy Foo’s friend) 9months old baby boy his hands was scalded by piping hot water at his child care due to negligent of care by PCF Little Wing at Boon Lay.

The doctor said that his hand was 2nd degree burn. His mother was crying at the hospital when she saw the doctor starts peeling off the burn skin from the baby hand before they can start the treatment.

WHY the baby have to suffer such pain due to your negligence?

Explanation gotten from the child care:

The care taker called and told my friend that they accidentally spill coffee on the baby. But my friend say they wasn’t any coffee stain at all. So my friend insisted to view at their cctv and the video show differently from what the claim to be. 

My friend are not trying to pursue anything just the truth. Is there any mummies face the same problem before? Any advice?

Credits: Wendy Foo (Facebook)

The poor baby! Anyway, apparently this case has been reported to MCYS (Ministry of Social and Family Development) while the mother of the child has reportedly withdrawn her son from the childcare. They didn’t upload the CCTV footage showing what exactly happened but no matter what – I still really feel sorry for the baby and I wish him a speedy recovery. Having said that, his parents must be so heartbroken about his injury! ;/

Let’s also hope the principle of the PCF Little Wing at Boon Lay will give a proper explanation and deal with this matter appropriately.

Have also sent this into STOMP to raise some awareness about this story.

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