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Meet Snoopybabe the cat from China on Instagram! | @snoopybabe

Spotted on RocketNews24:

Meet Snoopybabe, the cute cat from China taking the Internet by storm

Photo sharing sites started off as a great way to share pictures of friends and family with loved ones from all corners of the world. But then someone, one day, shared a photo of a cat. Slowly but surely, felines started taking over our domains until they had pages dedicated to them, legions of followers, and adoring comments in different languages from people all around the world.

Now it seems every person and their dog has a favourite Instagram cat. But the one that’s topping them all is a kitty from China that goes by the name Snoopybabe. Creepy or cute, you be the judge, but with over 190,000 followers to date, this is definitely one cat to keep your eye on.

Here we see the flat-faced feline enjoying spa time in a bucket that brings out the pinkness of its nose! Kitty’s ears are protected with peasant-inspired headgear.


Snoopybabe’s emotive features fool people into thinking he’s a computer-generated image. Movie producers would spend thousands to recreate eyes like these!


This kitty’s unique colouring is the perfect match for a giraffe.


Peek-a-boo we see you!


The eyes! The ears! The folds! It’s all too much for a cat lover to bear!


#nofilter #nocgi #poolsforeyes


With a remarkably impressive tail, Snoopybabe is equally attractive from the rear.


Kitty gets emotional during movie time.


A milky complexion and a noodle cup helps to take latte art to a whole new level.


It’s a fluffy marshmallow with eyes!


Hugs and kisses! xoxo


The curious cat contemplates the complexities of human eyewear.


This photo is just begging to be included in a designer look-book. Rock those socks!


Dance time seems to be the only thing that puts a smile on kitty’s face.


So many emotions in those eyes!


Dolled up for a portrait shot.


Channelling E.T. after bathtime, Snoopybabe is soon restored to his former glory.


The windows reflect on kitty’s eyes, adding to the whole quivering-anime-eye-look.


Aw, Snoopybabe! There’s no time to sleep when you look this cute. Wake up and play!


To join the brigade of Snoopybabe lovers and receive updates on recent exploits, check out the cat’s Instagram account. We think this kitty has the chops to grace greeting cards, star on TV and perhaps even one day publish his own book! Until then, we’ll be watching.

Credits: RocketNews24

So what do you think of Snoopybabe? Cute or scary? XD

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